Vivek Ramaswamy announces he will run for president

Vivek Ramaswamy is a multi-millionaire biotech entrepreneur who has been called the intellectual godfather of anti-woke movements. He announced Tuesday that he will be running for president.

In an online video, he stated that “We are in a middle of a nation identity crisis” and suggested that the current political climate was a form “psychological slavery.”

Ramaswamy spoke straight to the camera with an American flag in the background and a flagpin on his lapel. He described his campaign as a broad counteroffensive against what he called “woke left”.

Ramaswamy is third most prominent candidate to run for the presidency in 2024. Although he declared to the FEC that he would run on the Republican side, his announcement video did not mention the party. This is an indication of his desire to position his candidacy outside of the traditional political context.

He has done barnstorming in early states of nominating, including Iowa. His presence was welcomed even though some state political bigwigs claimed to not be familiar with the planks he was running.

Ramaswamy made a fortune in biotech investing but is most well-known for his appearances on Fox News as well as the New York Times bestseller he wrote.

Although his chances of winning the nomination are not high, Ramaswamy was welcomed into the contest with traditional enthusiasm by opposition Democrats. The Democratic National Committee issued a statement shortly after Ramaswamy appeared on Fox News to discuss his decision to run.

It read, “As Vivek Rajaswamy uses Tucker Carlson’s show to announce his presidential campaign, one thing is certain: The race for a MAGA base is becoming more messy and crowded by day.” “Over the next few weeks, Republicans will take extreme positions on everything from banning the abortion to cutting Social Security Security and Medicare. We look forward to continuing our efforts to ensure that every American is aware of how extreme the MAGA agenda.”