Federal judge issues temporary injunction stopping Biden’s Title IX rules

Federal courts have already violated the rules of the Biden administration.

On Thursday, a federal judge issued a preliminary injunction that temporarily halted the new Title IX regulations issued by Biden’s administration.

The order was issued by U.S. district court judge Terry Doughty in a suit brought by the States of Louisiana, Mississippi Montana and Idaho. The injunction prevents the final rules from taking effect until the U.S. District Court of the Western District of Louisiana reviews them.

The Department of Education has finalized new rules that are set to take effect on Aug. 1. They expand the definition of discrimination based on sex to include gender identity, pregnancy and transgender athletes. However, the agency did not issue any specific rules for transgender sportspeople. The changes include the prohibition of single-sex bathrooms and locker rooms, and the requirement that schools use pronouns according to a student’s preferred gender.


Doughty stated in his order that the new rule violates the First Amendment’s free speech, free exercise and spending clauses. It also “is arbitrary and arbitrarily.”

In his ruling, the judge stated that in order for an injunction to be granted, the plaintiffs had to show that they have a good chance of winning their case on its merits, that the threat of irreparable damage must outweigh the harm that could result if it were not issued, and that the injunction must be in public interest. Doughty stated that the plaintiffs were successful.

Doughty said the plaintiffs had also been able to show that the harassment standard created under the rule was contrary to Title IX. He said they “made convincing arguments as to how it could violate the First Amendment’s right to free speech.”

The ruling was praised by Louisiana Attorney General Liz Murrill who filed the Title IX suit.

Murrill made a statement that said, “This is a victory for girls and women.” Louisiana refused to accept Joe Biden’s radical and illegal gender ideology when he tried to force it on America. “Along with Idaho, Mississippi and Montana, state are fighting back to defend the law, safety, prosperity and basic American values for women and girls.”

Title IX forbids federally funded educational institutions from discriminating based on sex, both in educational programs and in educational activities.

Federal courts have already violated the rules of the Biden administration.

The U.S. District Judge Reed O’Connor on Tuesday granted the state’s summary judgment motion in a case involving a mandate issued before the Administration amended Title IX, which redefined biological sex by including “sexual orientation” or “gender identification.”

He also refused the Biden Administration’s request for dismissal and vacated all of the guidance in Texas and issued a permanent order against its enforcement.