House Republicans subpoena James and Hunter Biden in impeachment inquiry

House Republicans subpoenaed Hunter Biden, James Biden – the president’s brother and son – as well as Rob Walker, a business associate of the Biden family. Their impeachment probe is ramping up.

The subpoenas were issued by House Oversight Committee chairman James Comer (a Kentucky Republican). They sought testimony about the family’s finances.

The committee also asked for transcribed interviews with other Biden family, including James Biden’s wife Sara Biden; Hallie Biden (the widow of President Biden’s son Beau); her older sister Elizabeth Secundy; and Hunter Biden’s wife Melissa Cohen.

Subpoenas for financial records were issued earlier this year after it was discovered that Hallie Biden and Sara Biden received over $1 million from accounts linked to Mr. Walker. Hallie and Sara Biden also received $25,000 from Walker’s account.

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When the Truth Gets Out
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Mr. Walker, a Clinton Administration official, worked on a joint-venture with Chinese Energy company CEFC, known as Sinohawk Holdings, with Hunter and James Biden.

Mr. Comer stated that the subpoenas were necessary to investigate allegations of influence peddling, shady dealings and business deals by the Biden family. Many of these allegations date back to Joseph R. Biden’s time as Vice President in the Obama Administration.

The bank records do not lie, unlike the many lies that President Biden told about the business schemes of his family. These records show how the Bidens sold Joe Biden to benefit the Biden family and Joe Biden, to the detriment to U.S. interest.

The White House accused Mr. Comer, in response, of engaging “in partisan political smears” to divert the attention of voters from the House’s struggle to avoid a looming shutdown. A partial shutdown would occur if Congress fails to pass legislation that will fund the government beyond Nov. 17.

In a memo, White House spokesperson Sharon Young said that “with just over a weeks’ time left before the House Republicans once again plunge the country into a damaging and chaotic shutdown of the government, the most extremist voices in their own party are trying to distract themselves from their repeated failures in governance.”

She wrote: “Rather than using the power of Congress for a partisan political attack on the president and his wife, House Republicans who are extreme should do their job.”

Mr. Comer stated that he plans to send more subpoenas, and request for interviews later this week. Subpoenas and other testimony will be included in the impeachment investigation, which is led by Mr. Comer and House Judiciary Committee Chair Jim Jordan, Ohio Republican. House Ways and Means Committee Chair Jason Smith, Missouri Republican, are also leading this inquiry.

Subpoenas were issued on Wednesday, one day after a special counsel who is overseeing the investigation into whether Hunter Biden has committed tax and gun crimes testified before the House Judiciary Committee behind closed doors. Hunter Biden pleaded not guilt to federal gun charges last month.

Mr. Comer obtained in September the personal and business bank statements of Hunter Biden, James Biden, and their respective businesses. Last week, Mr. Comer stated that those bank records showed President Biden had received $40,000 of “laundered funds” from CEFC.

The Oversight Committee claims that the financial records show Biden family member set up over 20 shell companies. Most of them date back to when Mr. Biden was vice president. Republicans in the committee claim that the shell companies were set up to conceal payments made by foreign adversaries.

The panel concluded that the Biden family received over $24 million in foreign aid from other countries during a period of approximately five years.