Donald Trump rallies supporters at Ted Hendricks Stadium in Hialeah as GOP candidates debate in Miami

Speaking to supporters gathered in Ted Hendricks stadium in Hialeah on Wednesday, former President Donald Trump said that he hoped voters would send him back to Washington because “we won’t stop fighting to save America, which we love.”

Trump entered the stadium only after other Republican candidates began to try and convince viewers that they should win the GOP nomination instead of Trump.

Former President, who is leading his opponents in almost every major poll, chose to counter-program, and spoke at the stadium within Henry Milander Park.

Arkansas Governor introduced him. Sarah Huckabee Sanders was Trump’s spokesperson in the White House.

Trump started by saying that the policies of “crooked Joe Biden”, have destroyed the country.

Trump said, “They blew the deal.” “They blew the deal badly.”

Trump invited Hialeah mayor Esteban Bovo on stage to tell the former president what the city was going to do to pay tribute to Trump.

The mayor told the Hialeah City Council that he was going to give Donald Trump Way a new name.

Trump ended his speech with a list of pledges he made to fulfill, as a stirring theme played in background.

Trump told the audience that “it was the hard-working patriots who built this country, and it will be hard-working patriots like yourself to save this nation,” he said. “We will make America powerful again. We will make America strong again. We will make America proud again. “We will make America great once again.”

Trump supporters gather for a rally in Hialeah

The organizers had told CBS News they expected 30,000 people to come. The size of the crowd wasn’t clear, but the rally included stadium seating as well as ground-level seats.

Libby DePiero was at the rally site on Monday.

She said, “This is my 72nd rally.” “I understand everything he says.” I know what’s happening because I listen to the news, but I still can’t understand it.

The former president is 40 percent ahead of his closest rival among the remaining five Republican presidential candidates.

The event was scheduled to begin at 8 p.m. at the Adrienne Arsht Centre for the Performing Arts. The Republican candidates will have another opportunity to dent Trump’s popularity in the debate on Wednesday night.

His supporters, however, said that it would not make any difference to their support.

Sharon Anderson, a supporter of the president’s, said: “Thousands and millions are behind him across the country. We’ll be with him until he declares he is finished.” “And I do not see that happening.”

Kimulita was one of Trump’s supporters, who eagerly awaited his arrival in Hialeah.

“I’ve been in this place since yesterday.” I’m here to support Donald Trump, my president. I love him. I love Melania. I love Melania. “They fight for America and stand up for America,” said Mann.

Trump faces multiple charges in several states, including Georgia for election interference.

A recent CBS News survey shows that 34 percent Republican primary voters think Trump is better because of the legal challenges he faces, while the majority say these issues don’t matter.

Trump has distinct advantages when voters look ahead: more voters believe they will be financially better off if Trump wins the election in 2024 and more voters feel that Trump can keep the U.S. from entering a war if he is elected.