McCarthy slams Garland on Biden family probe: ‘Smells like a cover-up’

House Speaker Kevin McCarthy said on Wednesday that the Justice Department’s slow investigation into Hunter Biden, followed by a guilty plea to avoid jail time, “smells” like a coverup under Attorney General Merrick G. Garland.

In an op/ed published by Fox News, McCarthy wrote, “On Biden’s watch, Lady Justice was weaponized.” McCarthy wrote, “But Merrick Garland cannot do this one thing.” McCarthy also stated that there is mounting evidence that shows the Justice Department under Joe Biden does not enforce the law equally by favoring friends and family and unleashing the FBI on former President Donald Trump.

McCarthy, a California Republican pointed out that any charges of tax evasion that could be brought by Hunter Biden against payments he got from the Ukrainian energy company Burisma when his father Joe Biden was vice president have expired.

McCarthy wrote, “After slow-walking the investigation for five long years, the DOJ converted what the whistleblower called a felony case that was a slam dunk against Hunter Biden to a sweetheart deal and may have buried evidence about crimes which sent other Americans behind bars.” When a prosecutor shields the son of his boss from investigators, that smells like a cover up. Garland’s DOJ didn’t aggressively pursue the money. Why? Why?

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The House Speaker stated that “someone was not telling the truth”, and Congress has the responsibility to find the answers.

McCarthy demands that David Weiss testify in front of Congress, as the Delaware U.S. attorney who is leading the Hunter Biden investigation.

McCarthy pledged, “Nothing will stop us from getting the truth for the American people.” Our committees will continue gathering evidence and conducting oversight and we will follow facts wherever they may lead. McCarthy promised that nothing would stop him from revealing the truth to the American people.