Democrat Ilhan Omar Lashes Out At Israel’s President Coming To Congress

Ilhan Omar, a Democratic Representative from Minnesota, reacted angrily on Wednesday after learning that Israel’s President will be delivering a speech to the U.S. Congress next week.

The Messenger asked Omar if she knew about President Isaac Herzog’s speech on the 19th of July. She first expressed her outrage, before admitting she didn’t.

Omar stated that “there was no way in hell” she would attend his speech. She added: “I didn’t know he was even coming.”

Omar’s remarks, which were reacted to by politicians across the spectrum, are not surprising. She has a history of spewing antisemitic hatred.

Who’s really running Congress?

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Who’s really running Congress?
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Zaid Jilani, a reporter for News Nation, tweeted: “She didn’t even know about the story until the reporter inquired but she had such strong feelings about it?” “Herzog is a more symbolic figurehead, as the PM is involved in day-to-day governance, and I do not think that most Israeli critics have strong feelings about him.”

Rabbi Yaakov Meken tweeted: “She won’t be missed.” She should make this a habit. She could do the most for American values, decency and tolerance by staying at home permanently. Why do Democrats continue to harbor this racist among them?”

Omar’s antisemitism is so problematic that House of Representatives has voted to remove Omar from the House Foreign Affairs Committee.

Rep. Dave Joyce, R-OH, voted “present” and 218 of the 222 Republicans voted against Omar. Three Republicans did not vote, and Rep. Dave Joyce voted for the removal.

McCarthy listed many of Omar’s inflammatory remarks, such as her use of antisemitic tropes and comparisons of the U.S. Military with Islamic terrorist groups, or how she described 9/11 by saying “some people” did it. McCarthy noted that Omar “never apologized for” many of her comments.