Midterm results: John Fetterman beats Dr. Oz in huge Pennsylvania Senate showdown

Pennsylvania Lieutenant Governor John Fetterman defeated Dr. Mehmet O, a celebrity heart surgeon, in Tuesday night’s midterm elections to become Pennsylvania’s next U.S. Senator.

This high-stakes race was both the most expensive in national history and the most expensive in state history. More than $200 million was funneled into support of the candidates.

Oz held his election party at the Newtown Athletic Club about an hour from Philadelphia. He told supporters that he was confident that he would still win after all votes had been counted. After Oz spoke, the race was called approximately 30 minutes later.

Oz thanked his supporters for their “belief” in him, his campaign, and their support. Fetterman and his associates painted Oz as an outsider incapable of empathizing fully with Pennsylvanians. Fetterman and his allies repeatedly linked Oz with former President Donald Trump. Trump supported Oz and even addressed a rally on Saturday for him. Oz tried to distance himself form the polarizing ex president as he sought centrist voters.


The attendance at Oz’s party was mostly quiet, though some people cheered when Fox News announced a Republican win. Two large screens were installed at the basketball court of the athletic club to show the network.

Fetterman’s Pittsburgh election night party was lively. A crowd of enthusiastic people chanted his name, and then erupted into thunderous applause when the race was called. CNN was playing in the background at the Fetterman camp.

Pennsylvania’s next senator was dressed in his signature baggy black sweatshirt and said he was humbled by his win. He also reiterated his campaign slogan to the cheering crowd, “Every County, Every Vote.”

Fetterman’s campaign made fun of Oz by serving crudites (raw veggies) at the party. Oz attempted to highlight the country’s inflation, by buying crudites in a state that is known for its pierogies and cheesesteaks. Another example of Oz’s outsiderism that he couldn’t emphasize with the locals.

Oz and Fetterman (current lieutenant governor of Pennsylvania) engaged in a bitter struggle to win the Senate seat that was vacated by Sen. Pat Toomey. Toomey was among seven Senate Republicans who voted for former President Donald Trump’s conviction in his second impeachment trial. The charges were related to the Jan. 6, Capitol riot.

Fetterman (53), tried to portray Oz as an outsider who couldn’t empathize and understand struggling Pennsylvanians. Oz, 62 however, connected his opponent to a rise of crime and President Joe Biden.

Oz stated that Washington is still pursuing extreme positions. “I want civility and balance.”

After Fetterman’s stroke, it was more than five years later that the October debate took place. His performance was widely criticised. He struggled at times to articulate his points and sometimes used the wrong words. Fetterman was given credit for showing up to address what he called “the elephant in the room”.

Fetterman stated that Oz had suffered a stroke, and he has never forgotten it. He also said that Oz’s mental and physical abilities have been called into question. “I may miss a few words during this debate. mush two words at a time, but it knocked my down and I’m going back up.”

Oz made some mistakes in the debate, which Democrats took advantage of, such as his answer to a question about abortion. Oz caused a stir among centrists by combining local leaders with doctors and women to decide who gets the final say in whether a woman’s pregnancy is terminated.

He stated, “I want women, doctors and local political leaders to let the democracy that has always allowed our nation thrive to put forward the best ideas so states can make their own decisions.”

Prior to the debate, Fetterman polled ahead of Oz. However, Oz gained ground steadily after the debate.

Both candidates were in a dead heat for the past few days, but a Monmouth University poll on Wednesday and a Fox News poll revealed that Oz was having trouble connecting with voters. According to the Monmouth University poll, 55% of Pennsylvanians believed Oz could not relate to the pain of working-class people. The Fox News poll revealed that 44% of voters were concerned that Oz, who has long lived in New Jersey, lacks the knowledge necessary to advocate for Pennsylvanian needs in Congress.

If Trump and Biden have a rematch, the Oz-Fetterman battle played out in what could become the country’s largest battleground state in 2024. Republicans and Democrats are heavily invested in the state, and have used Fetterman to test their strategies. Fetterman, for example, ran as an unapologetic liberal candidate in a swing state. Oz, on the other hand, has embraced the MAGA movement (Make America Great Again) and stated that he would support a Trump run in 2024.

At the moment, it seems that things are going well for both of them.

Trump stated in a statement that “This is about winning elections to stop Radical Left maniacs destroying our country.” “I have known Dr. Oz for many decades, as have many other people, even though I only knew him through his television series. He has been with us through television and has been respected, popular, and smart.”

Trump teased a third White House bid during an Iowa rally for Sen. Chuck Grassley last week. He then traveled to Pennsylvania, where he addressed a Latrobe rally on Saturday. Oz tried to distance himself form Trump’s claims of rigging the 2020 presidential election and that he is the rightful winner. Trump published an article on Just the News last week claiming that the Pennsylvania Department of State had sent 240,000 ballots by mail without verifying voter identities.

He wrote, “Here we are again!” in a statement. “Rigged election!”

Trump’s Pennsylvania rally was a toe-toe match with the one in Philadelphia that featured Biden and former President Barack Obama on Saturday.

Oprah Winfrey, the mega-mogul, also joined in Friday’s race by recommending Fetterman over Oz. This endorsement was made after she launched her television career.

Before settling into his own show, The Dr. Oz Show, Oz was a regular guest on Winfrey’s talk show. It was produced by Winfrey’s Harpo Productions.

She said that she had said that it was up to Pennsylvanians and of course, but she didn’t go into details.