New Adam Schiff censure resolution to be brought to House floor

Rep. Anna Paulina Luna said Tuesday night that she had secured enough Republican support to censure Rep. Adam B. Schiff, and to refer him to an ethics committee.

The Republicans will introduce a modified resolution of censure against the California Democrat on Wednesday over his false accusations about President Trump’s supposed collaboration with Russia during the presidential campaign in 2016.

“I’ve spoken to many colleagues. “A majority of the 20 members will change their vote in support of the motion. Other Members who weren’t in town for the original vote have also let me/my office know that they will vote with us,” stated Ms. Luna in a Florida Republican statement.

To be clear, it is not retribution. She said that the GOP voted recently to refer an individual to Ethics to investigate. The fact is that, as you witnessed today with Hunter Biden, the DOJ has a double standard in this country.


Mr. Schiff criticized Ms. Luna’s new censure motion Tuesday night, calling it an attempt to distract attention from the legal issues facing the nation’s leading Republican.

“Rep. Luna has just introduced a censure motion against me. Rep. Gaetz also introduced a resolution against Bennie Thomson,” Schiff tweeted. Rep. Boebert introduced articles of impeachment for President Biden. MAGA Republicans are willing to do anything in order to distract attention from Trump’s criminal charges.

Last week, the Florida Republican introduced a privileged motion to censure Schiff for his public accusations against President Trump. This was based on Mr. Trump’s position as the head Democrat of the House Intelligence Committee.

But 20 Republicans helped Mr. Schiff and his fellow Democrats to table the earlier measure. This included a fine of $16 million, with which many Republicans were not happy.

The censure motion was passed 225 to 196 with seven legislators voting in person and five others not voting.

The new censure of Ms. Luna does not include a fine.

Ms. Luna, a member of the conservative House Freedom Caucus tweeted that other Republicans, such as Rep. Thomas Massie from Kentucky, who voted against the original censure resolution, misunderstood the fact that the $16m penalty was only a “suggested” fine.

When Ms. Luna tweet “Censure Ship Round 2 next Week,” Mr. Massie seemed ready to support a new censure without the fine.

Mr. Massie thanked him for lowering his bill for the next week.

Two New York Republicans, who voted in the past to put the measure on the table, say that they will now back the censure under its new language.

“I respect the Constitution, and I take the oath to uphold it.” Marc Molinaro, a Republican representative from New York, tweeted that these revisions “address my concerns” and I would vote to hold Rep. Schiff responsible.

Rep. Michael Lawler said to The Washington Times that he intends to support the censure resolution against Mr. Schiff. He expects the majority, if not the entire 20 Republicans who voted last week to put it on the table to also do so.

The censure that Ms. Luna will issue against Mr. Scheider, excluding the financial penalty, is similar to the resolution passed last week against the California legislator — for his allegations that Mr. Trump’s campaign and he himself colluded in 2016 with Russia.

The measure condemns, censures, and reprimands Schiff for “false allegations that the Trump campaign collluded with Russia”, and that he has “perpetuated the false accusations from the Steele Dossier that numerous Trump associates were guilty of colluding in Russia to the Congressional Record”.

The resolution states that Mr. Schiff, as a member of the House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence, abused his powers against Mr. Trump’s campaign supporters.

Schiff “abused privileged access to classified data, releasing a memo that justified the accuracy of the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act warrant application for Trump associate Carter Page.”

Mr. Schiff served as the top Democrat on House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence (HPSCI) for several years, until Speaker Kevin McCarthy, a California Democrat, removed him from the panel.