President Biden’s Job Approval Finds a New Low Before the New Year

How low can the job approval of President Joe Biden go? Pew Research, which tracks Americans’ approval for the president, has not yet found the floor. The latest survey puts approval at only 33 percent. This is a five-point drop from 2023, and 21 points below when he took office. Nearly two-thirds (64%) of Americans disapprove of Biden’s POTUS performance.

Biden’s performance as a politician has been criticized by members of his party since 2023. Pew reported on racial and other demographics, including partisanship:

Six in ten Democrats (61%) and Democratic-leaning Independents say that they approve of Biden’s performance. This compares to 7% of Republicans.

Since October 2022, Biden’s approval rating among Democrats has dropped 12 percentage points (from 73% down to 61%). Biden’s rating among Republicans has remained low over this time period (6% in October 2022, and 7% now).

When the Truth Gets Out

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When the Truth Gets Out
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Biden’s ratings of his job are between low and mid 30% across all age groups. Biden’s disapproval is slightly higher among adults aged 18-49 (66%) than older adults (62%).

Adults with a four year college degree (62%), college experience (68%) and a high-school diploma or less education (67%) disapprove more than the majority of adults without a degree. However, adults with postgraduate degrees are evenly divided (48% approve versus 50% disapprove).

Liberal Democrats are more likely to approve of Biden than conservative or moderate Democrats (66% vs. 57%), as well as say that they strongly approve (37% against 29%). Nearly eight out of ten Republicans (77%) strongly disapprove. Conservative Republicans are more likely to disapprove strongly of Biden than liberal and moderate Republicans (84% vs. 64%).

Unsurprisingly, the president does not do any better when it comes to issues that face America, many of which are due to Biden’s policies. Americans don’t believe that Biden can handle anything, from economics to immigration to international crises.