Latino Democrats Tout Migrants as Their Constituents

Democratic Latino politicians demand that President Joe Biden defend the interests of foreign immigrants, despite the enormous damage that unhyphenated Americans and Latino-Americans have suffered in terms of their pocketbooks and civic standing.

At a rally held on December 13, Nanette Barragan, a Democratic Representative from California, told a crowd of lawmakers, activists and media that “we are here to protect the immigration as is.”

The rally called for President Joe Biden not to make any concessions in the debate about his $14 billion emergency fund demand to hide and accelerate his migration flood and to provide funds for Israel and Ukraine’s wartime aid.

Barragan said:


Let me say it differently. We are here to urge President Biden and Majority leader Chuck Schumer to reject Republican immigration and border legislation in the ongoing negotiations surrounding the [supplemental funding bill]

Multiple Democratic legislators attended the event, and they defended illegal migrants and future migrants – and snubbed their American constituents in rhetoric.

Nearly none of the lawmakers mentioned the cost to their constituents – Latinos and others – of losing wages, jobs and homes, as well as status and investments, because desperate migrants are forced to work for less.

Biden’s deputies admitted six million migrants since 2021. The majority of them are Latino. This massive influx is on top of the annual influx of legal immigrants, temporary visa workers and other temporary workers. Biden admits roughly one immigrant per every American born.

The Latino Democrats, who are mostly Latino migrants, demanded a seat in the ethnic-politics section of the negotiations. They were the representatives quasi-officials of these migrants.

Bob Menendez, a senator from New Jersey (D), said that not a single CHC member was informed of the Administration’s plans to propose or consider these right-wing nonstarters. “That’s a slap on the face for all of the Latino and Immigrant communities that we represent.”

Barragan said that “these negotiations are being held without a CHC member present at the table.” “That’s completely unacceptable… We have to keep pushing to get our seats.”

Many Democrats referred to illegal migrants as their constituents, obscuring the distinction between legal and illegal migrants.

Rep. Greg Casar, D-TX said: “We are here to improve things for our constituents.” “That’s the reason we tell President Biden and Senate Democrats to be strong. We can support allies in Ukraine, without putting immigrant families on the back burner.

Spanish-speaking migrants, from Casa de Maryland – whose leader was severely criticized by Democrats for allegedly supporting Hamas in its war against Israel – supported the event.

“We can ensure that the [migration] program works…that after they cross the borders, they come to our office for housing and jobs, as well as some transportation so that they can reach their relatives who live in other parts the country,” said Rep. Sylvia Garcia, D-TX.

Rep. Chuy Garcia (D-IL) said, “This is a move to consult the most impacted communities – immigrant communities and Latinos communities as well as other communities throughout the country.” “We’ve been excluded.”

Maxwell Frost, a Florida Democratic Representative, said that Republicans wanted to “gut” our immigration system by putting immigrants at risk. “We feel that the country has an obligation to assist innocent migrants. We also believe that everyone, no matter their status, deserves dignity and respect.

Raul Grijalva, D-Az, said: “We are not collateral damage and we are not expendable.”

The New York Times published a story on December 14th, highlighting some of the Latino politicians who are welcoming migrants.

Since 2021, nearly 400,000 children without parents have arrived in the United States. The majority of them have worked ….

A 16-year old fell from a roof and broke his back in Arkansas. Florida 15-year old was burnt all over when he fell from a roof onto a vat filled with hot tar. A child from Illinois fractured his back after stepping through a skylight.

Some Latino politicians have promised to support Americans, but they’ve ignored the impact on their pocketbooks caused by the influx of migrant renters and workers.

Robert Menendez, a representative from New Jersey, said that Republicans see this issue as one they can win politically… by putting people at risk who have sacrificed so much for their chance at the American Dream. “We’ll win the future for this country, which looks like us and is diverse like we are.” It will be better for all Americans.”

They also promoted migrant workers to be a boon to employers and to the economy of the country, while ignoring the effects that migration has on Americans’ salaries, jobs, housing and schools.

Rep. Veronica Escobar, D-TX, said that immigrants are the reason why our country is thriving. “I’m sure every one of my fellow colleagues can relate stories of CEOs, business owners, and leaders in industry coming to us and saying ‘We need workers’ or ‘We want a workforce’.”

Biden’s Extraction Migration economic policy has brought at least four millions extra foreign workers, consumers, and renters into American communities.

Business groups are urging and welcoming this flood because it reduces the wages of Americans in both blue-collar and white-collar jobs. It also boosts profits by reducing marketplace pressure to invest in productivity-boosting technology, heartland states, and overseas markets.

Inflows also reduce the economic pressure placed on the federal governments to address the problems of Americans — homelessness and low wages, shrinking middle classes, a declining life expectancy for blue-collar workers, poverty spreading, drug deaths increasing, and alienation spreading among young people.