War on appliances continues as Biden admin releases new rules for dishwashers

The Department of Energy has proposed new appliance regulations that would reduce water and energy limits for American dishwashers to levels well below the current levels.

The proposed rule would limit dishwashers’ water consumption to 3.2 gallons per cycle. This is far less than the federal limit of five gallons. The regulations would also require that manufacturers reduce the energy consumption of their products by almost 30%.

The majority of dishwashers are well below the federal standards for 5 gallons. Most use 3.5 gallons or less per cycle.

The DOE is not only targeting dishwashers. It’s also looking at washers, dryers, and refrigerators, which manufacturers claim could cause them to perform less well.

Washington’s warning to Christians

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Washington’s warning to Christians
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The Biden administration made it clear that new limits will be imposed due to President Obama’s climate agenda.

The DOE stated earlier this year that “collectively, these energy efficiency measures… support President Biden’s ambitious clean energy program to combat climate change.”

The proposed rules follow a national reckoning on gas stoves. While leading Democrats such as Senate Majority leader Chuck Schumer claimed that there was no need to worry, his state just banned gas stoves last week.

Schumer tweeted this in early February: “Nobody will take away your gas stove.” “Shameless MAGA Republicans will do anything to distract from the real issues that the American people are interested in solving, such as the debt ceiling,” said Schumer.

Late April, New York legislators agreed to ban the installation of gas stoves in future buildings. The ban will apply to new construction of small buildings starting in 2025, and then move up to larger buildings beginning in 2028.