Watchdog: Google Interfered in US Elections 41 Times

The conservative watchdog Media Research Center published a report on Monday which documented 41 instances over the last 16 years where Google interfered in U.S. election.

In a report of 19 pages, MRC stated that Google “impact has increased dramatically, becoming ever more harmful to Democracy.”

In its executive summary, MRC stated that “from the mouths and executives of Google, the tech giant revealed what it never intended to make public: Google’s use of its ‘great resources and reach’ in order to promote its leftist values.”

Brent Bozell is the founder and president of MRC. He said, “Google’s massive efforts to influence U.S. election results for the last 16 years are unacceptable. It is the greatest threat to American democracy.”

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In its report, MRC recorded each case starting with No. In 2008, the first case was “Google censors Hillary Clinton’s supporters.”

“During the 2008 primaries, it was not a secret that Google had allied with the younger and more radical candidate [Barack] Obama, instead of the moderate, corporate Democrat candidate Clinton. The symbiotic partnership produced results very quickly,” MRC wrote.

The 41st example of election interference by MRC: “Google Gemini refuses questions that are damaging to [Joe] Biden.”

In many of the above cases, Google either acknowledged that it made mistakes or tried to downplay reports and studies critical of its actions. But neither explanation explains why Google’s election interference seems to favor the radical left over the right, MRC concluded.

Google responded in a press release.

A Google spokesperson told The New York Post that “there is nothing new here. Just a list of old, baseless and inaccurate complaints which have been discredited by third parties. Many cases were also dismissed in court.”

The MRC issued three other recommendations.

“House Speaker Mike Johnson (R-La.) should direct relevant committees to investigate Google.

The state legislatures can resolve any questions about whether Google is considered a common carrier. It is. They can also follow Texas and Florida’s lead to make sure that Big Tech is not discriminating against viewpoints.

“Americans should stop using Google’s products, especially Google Search, and choose one of the many alternative services.”

In 2008, “Google’s enormous influence on the information technology industry, American politics and elections was evident.” Google, after failing to stop Donald Trump’s inauguration as president following the 2016 elections, has made it clear to any discerning observers that it has interfered in America’s elections and will continue to do so,” MRC wrote.