WH Won’t Condemn Jayapal’s Calls For ‘Balance’ When Calling Out Hamas Rapes Of Israeli Women

Karine Jean-Pierre, White House Press secretary, did not condemn Rep. Pramila Jajapal (D-WA), who stated over the weekend there should be “balance”, in calling Hamas terrorists out for raping and sexual violence committed against Israeli women.

Jean-Pierre responded to a Fox News White House Correspondent Jacqui Heinrich who asked if it was appropriate that Jayapal suggested that criticisms against Hamas be “balanced”, with criticisms about Israel’s reaction to the terrorist attack on October 7th.

“I would like to know the White House response to Congresswoman Jayapal’s remarks made over the weekend. In an interview, she stated that while sexual violence must be condemned, we must be fair in our condemnation. Heinrich asked, “Was that a proper comment?”

We’ve been clear. Jake Sullivan spoke a bit about this. I can only speak on behalf of the president. I’m only able to speak for the president. We’ve made it clear that what Hamas has done is absolutely reprehensible. We will continue to be very clear on this. We also think that rape, or the use of it as a weapon is reprehensible. I will leave it at that, as I speak for the President of the United States. Jean Pierre stated that she thought the issue was very clear. She did not criticize Jayapal.


Heinrich again pressed. ” — for Congresswoman Jayapal?”

Jean-Pierre responded, “I just… Jean-Pierre replied, “I just –“

During the interview, CNN anchor Dana Bash questioned Jayapal about why it was difficult to convince progressive women – who are usually vocal when they condemn sexual violence and rape – to condemn Hamas’ attacks on Israeli women in October.

Jayapal condemned rape, sexual violence and sexism but then called for “balance”. She cited the Hamas controlled Gaza Health Ministry’s civilian death tolls to suggest Israel was committing crimes.