Worse than you can imagine: Haley loses to ‘none of these candidates’ in Nevada

While symbolic, the defeat was a major embarrassment to the former South Carolina Governor.

Nikki Haley was humiliated in Nevada, where she finished far behind “none” of the candidates in a primary presidential race in which Donald Trump did not even participate.

Haley lost to a disembodied alternative in a primary with no stakes, which will not award any delegates to the Republican Party’s convention for presidential nomination. Trump is expected romp to victory in the contest which will award delegates – the party caucus – later this week.

Haley’s supporters were already spinning heavily about Tuesday’s defeat — she had not yet won one state in the primary presidential election. Some Trump supporters in the state actively encouraged their supporters to mark “none” of these candidates to protest Haley.

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Chuck Muth is a conservative activist, writer and former Nevada Republican Party Executive Director. He said that Trump’s supporters would follow him through the gates to hell.

Haley’s defeat to “none” of these candidates is not an unprecedented event. It happened during a Democratic primary for gubernatorial office in 2014.

Haley was the last major candidate running against Trump in GOP’s primary. It was a serious blow for her and quickly became a source of ridicule. Haley was behind by more than 30 percentage points, with just over half of the estimated ballots in.

Haley is trying to make the most of Trump’s refusal of a debate with her.

Trump, who had been urging Republicans in Nevada to choose “none” of the candidates, decided to stay out of the primary and instead encouraged his supporters to do “just the caucus.”

Haley spent the week raising money in South Carolina and in wealthy Californian enclaves in preparation for the March 5 Super Tuesday Primary.

Trump will likely crush his sole opponent, the long-shot pastor and businessman Ryan Binkley. He’ll eat up all the delegates and send the race to South Carolina with Haley, where Binkley appears to be on a similar footing.

Haley seems to be settling into the slow-burn of her campaign. Haley is now the lone major opposition to Trump. She’s been raking millions in long-shot investments, easing into a YOLO stage of taunts, dismissive memes and conducting late-stage therapist sessions for Never Trumpers, and former Lincoln Projecters who are eager to see MAGA battleship taking on GOP friendly fire, even if it turns out to be spitballs.

Nevadans, who came out in support of Haley despite Trump’s early state victories, said they were not ready to crown him.

Scott Knecht, paused to reflect on his choice in front of a library in Northwest Reno and described Trump as “a great president” but not one who could act or sound presidential. He was offended by Trump’s description of Haley as “a bird brain.”

“She is a lot of different things, but she’s not a bird brain. That’s for certain.” Knect stated that she is a smart and accomplished woman.

He wanted Haley and Trump to be on the same ballot. He acknowledged that his vote in the primary was a mere gesture, but he said he would vote for Trump in November against Biden.

Knect continued, “Clearly, Trump is arrogant.” “I don’t care if Trump is arrogant – you don’t have to marry me.” It’s embarrassing what he has said in the past few weeks. “I voted for Nikki Haley to send just a tiny message.”

Nevada’s Republican primaries have been as exciting as a political science class in the upper division, despite being a highly prized battleground for general elections. The Republican leaders of the purple state embraced Trump’s brand and fought to eliminate any competition. State GOP Chair Michael McDonald was indicted after the 2020 elections for his role as “false voter” for Trump.

Haley’s supporters lined up in the snowy Washoe County to vote, while across the state and in other parts of the state the candidate announced that she would be holding a rally in Santa Monica on Wednesday.

Patricia Buffington was a lifelong Republican and retired from Sparks.

She’s usually bombarded by TV ads and invites to events packed with candidates. She blames the state GOP for not having a good year.

Buffington expressed her anger at her decision to vote for Haley. “I hope she sues Nevada, if she gets more votes than Trump.”

She added, “They gave it to Trump in a tidal wave.”

Buffington, frustrated by the lack of a form for switching her party affiliation to independent from Republican, asked the poll workers to find it.

She went out in the cold. She made it clear that she will not be voting for Trump or Biden in the fall.

Buffington turned back to the Nevada GOP. “If they’re going to be so stupid, I won’t support them.”