Biden blames Trump for helping torpedo border bill

Biden accused former President Trump of torpedoing the bipartisan border bill out of political motives on Tuesday.

All indications are that this bill will not even reach the Senate floor. Why? Why? Biden stated in remarks made from the White House that Donald Trump believes it is bad for him.

Biden said that Trump would rather “weaponize” the issue than to actually resolve it, and accused him of trying to intimidate Republican legislators to oppose this bill.

Senate Republicans will block a motion for debate to start on legislation that was unveiled yesterday and includes $20 billion in border security. The bill would grant the federal government the temporary authority to expel migrant workers when the number of crossings daily exceeds a certain threshold. It also ends “catch-and-release”, raises standards for asylum screenings, and tries to process claims faster.


The bill includes funding of $60 billion for Ukraine’s war against Russia and $14.1 billion to Israel for its fight against Hamas. It also provides aid to Indo-Pacific Allies. This is similar with a proposal that the White House presented last year shortly after the Israel-Hamas conflict began.

Republicans from both chambers reacted immediately to the border security plan. House conservatives declared it “dead at arrival” and indicated they would not be supporting it, despite its being written in part by someone of their own party.

Speaker Mike Johnson (R.-La.). Biden threatened a veto if he drafted a bill that only included aid for Israel. Biden did not say he would back measures that only funded Ukraine or Israel by themselves on Tuesday. He said it was important to pass the entire aid package.

Trump warned Republicans not to vote for the bill, saying that it would be “death wishes” for the GOP and politically unfavorable in an election year. Former president criticised Sen. James Lankford’s (R-Okla. )work on the bill despite Trump supporting Lankford for his reelection campaign in 2022.

Democrats have argued for weeks that Republicans in Congress reject any compromise on border issues because it would be a win for Biden during an election year. Trump has repeatedly attacked Biden over the flow of migrants along the southern border. Polls show that voters are more trusting in Trump’s immigration and border policies.

Biden stated that “every day from now until November, the American public will know that Donald Trump and MAGA Republican allies are the only ones responsible for the lack of security at the border.”

Biden said Tuesday that the National Border Patrol Council, the border patrol union which endorsed Trump for 2020, as well as U.S. Chamber of Commerce have backed the bill.

Biden stated that “the bottom line is that this bipartisan legislation is a victory for America, because it fixes important problems in our immigration system.”