America’s largest LGBTQ rights group plans $15 million swing state blitz to re-elect Biden

Human Rights Campaign launches a major spending campaign in six states to encourage “equality voters”. They warn that there are still many who need to be convinced to vote for Biden.

The Human Rights Campaign (HRC), the largest LGBTQ rights organization in the United States has committed $15 million to help Democratic president Joe Biden defeat Republican Donald Trump at the 2024 elections.

The spending blitz will be shared with NBC News first and cover six battleground states: Pennsylvania, Michigan Wisconsin, Georgia Arizona Nevada. The group claims that it will include staff hirings, paid ads, field campaigns, and events in these states. These states are poised for deciding who wins the presidential and congressional elections.

After crunching numbers, the group sees warning signals in the form a soft support for Biden among the 2024 electorate.


HRC predicts that 75 million people will vote this year based on their support of LGBTQ rights. This is up from 52 million voters in 2016 and 62 millions in 2020. The group claims that one-third are not certain to vote for Biden. According to HRC’s data shared with NBC News, in the six swing states hundreds of thousands “risk not voting” and another group of several hundred thousand voters are what HRC calls “double doubters,” who are likely to defect to a different party.

HRC President Kelley Robinson stated that those voters who are uncertain could make or ruin Biden’s bid for reelection.

When you look at this group of voters by state, they can make a difference. “In a state such as Arizona, where Biden won by only about 10,000 votes, there are 1.4 million equality supporters,” Robinson stated in an interview. “This is an important constituency and a strong community. It is our responsibility to ensure that they have all the tools they need to go to the polls. We’ll be knocking at doors, making calls and engaging all of our members to ensure that they turn out.

In terms of the future policy for lesbians, gays, bisexuals and transgender Americans, this election is very important. Biden made significant progress in his first term by codifying same-sex weddings nationwide, allowing for transgender people to serve in the military, and directing government agencies to support LGBTQ rights.

Trump has, on the other hand, called out “left-wing insanity about gender” and promised to rescind government programs that support trans rights, as well as punish doctors who treat minors with gender affirming care. He has sparked a well-organized conservative reaction against certain parts of the pro LGBT movement. Schools, women’s sport and public restrooms have become fronts in a culture war. The Supreme Court could also become more conservative, which is already the case after Trump appointed three judges during his presidency.

The conservative backlash is fueling a drop in support for LGBTQ issues ahead of 2024’s elections. According to a major survey conducted by the Public Religion Research Institute, support for LGBTQ rights has decreased slightly in the past year. This is the first time that the three measures have declined from one year to the next after rising consistently. The Public Religion Research Institute found that support for LGBTQ rights and policies of non-discrimination fell slightly last year. This was the first time in years that these measures had declined after consistently rising.

Robinson stated that “this moment feels so significant, not only for this election but for what it means to the future of our communities.” “We’re seeing a backlash across the nation against the progress we’ve made… led by an opponent who doesn’t want to give us the rights we enjoy today.”

Robinson said that HRC would not appease opponents of trans rights. “The same horrible things they say about trans people now, they used to say about lesbians and gays 20 years ago.”

HRC reported that 62% of the “equality voter” cohorts it identified are under 40 years old, 50% are not white, and 70% are female. HRC says that the risks of voting for a third party or not voting at all are “particularly pronounced” among those cohorts. This finding is in line with recent polls that indicate Biden struggles with nonwhite and young voters. It’s one of the reasons he trails Trump by a wide margin in national and swing state polls.

HRC says that approximately 2,200 LGBTQ people reach the age of 18 each day. This presents an opportunity to register new voters. Robinson stated that Gen Z voters, in particular, need to hear more from the President.

She said, “I believe what they are looking for is engagement by the president, engagement by the administration and engagement really from all elected officials.” “So I’m optimistic. We’re also seeing Generation Z engage in a discussion about how to improve our country. And every candidate should share that excitement. “I think that the challenge is to get them involved in the process between now and Election Day.

Robinson said that some of the candidates on the down-ballot are “young, dynamic, and history-making” — like Sarah McBride, in Delaware, a trans woman who could become a congresswoman.

The HRC President said that part of the organization’s effort would be to convince voters to not support third-party politicians, such as Robert F. Kennedy Jr. who has stated his preference for same-sex relationships but criticized care for youths that promotes gender equality.

“We have to make it very clear to people that any vote not cast for Joe Biden will be a vote against Donald Trump. She said that Trump was “a complete and total failure” and that his actions were “a threat to our democracy and equality.”