AOC snaps at NYC protesters at movie theater demanding she call Israel’s military campaign in Gaza genocide: ‘It’s f—ked up’

Video of the confrontation shows that Rep. Alexandria Ocasio Cortez slammed protesters in a Brooklyn cinema who asked her to call Israel’s campaign against Gaza “genocide” which she said she had already done.

Ocasio-Cortez, D-NY, was at Alamo Drafthouse Cinema with Riley Roberts when she lost it and dropped the f-bomb. A couple of protesters were hounding her. It happened around 5 pm on Monday.

According to video footage, the protesters accosted Ocasio-Cortez inside a downtown Brooklyn theatre, complaining that she hadn’t publicly called Israel bombing the Palestinian territories a “genocide”.

She told a male protester holding an iPhone close to her face, “I want you to know that this isn’t OK.”


The protester replied, “It is not acceptable that a genocide is taking place and you are not actively opposing it.”

Ocasio Cortez said, “You are lying”, as she walked with her boyfriend down an escalator.

The protesters followed behind the Democrat who was visibly agitated as she made her exit. Ocasio Cortez defended herself again by slapping the protesters between escalators.

Roberts turns around and confronts the rabble-rousers.

He said “Stop” as Ocasio Cortez walked in front of him. “OK, stop.”

When asked if the video clip was going viral, she went into a tirade.

Ocasio Cortez fumed, “You’re going to cut it… and you’re going to clip this so it’s out of context.”

She hasn’t publicly called Israel’s retaliatory bombing of Gaza a genocide but suggested it on Monday.

“I said it before and you’re just going to pretend it’s not over and over.” She raged, “It’s fucked up man.” “And you are not helping these people. You’re also not helping them.

The video ended with the protesters continuing to scold Ocasio Cortez as she walked along with Roberts.

The Post sought comments from both the campaign and office of the congresswoman.

Ocasio Cortez avoided a question on whether the term “genocide” was overused during an interview with “Meet the Press”, which took place in late January.

Rashida Tlaib, a Michigan Democratic Representative, is one of the colleagues who have accused President Obama of supporting genocide. “Do you agree that this word, genocide,” that the president has been supporting a genocidal act, or is that going too far?” asked Kristen Welker during her interview.

Ocasio Cortez responded that young people across the country are “appalled” at the violence, and the loss of lives without regard to race or ethnicity. She cited a United Nations International Court of Justice ruling that Israel has the responsibility to prevent genocide.

They are still determining if it is a genocide. Welker asked, “Do you believe that term is responsible since it’s under investigation?”

I believe they are. It’s still being decided. The fact that the word “inhumanity” is used in our discourse and in the interim ruling shows the inhumanity of the Gazans, said the congresswoman.

After Monday’s confrontation an old tweet surfaced online where Ocasio Cortez claimed that protesting should make people feel “uncomfortable.” Some social media users called the message ironic.

She tweeted this in December 2020: “The point of protesting, is to make people uncomfortable.” “Activists use that discomfort with the status quo to advocate for concrete policy change. Support for a cause often begins small and grows. “To those who complain that protest demands make other people uncomfortable… That’s the point.”

The progressive firebrand called for a Gaza ceasefire while criticizing Israel on numerous occasions since Hamas terrorists carried out a surprise attack in which 1,200 Israelis were killed.

After the attack, she condemned Hamas “in the strongest possible terms”.

Hamas-backed officials from the health sector have estimated that around 30,000 Palestinians were killed in Israel’s military actions.