Biden Claims It’s ‘Close To Sinful’ For States To Stand Between Kids And Trans-Activist Doctors

President Joe Biden stated that it was “closely sinful” for states not to allow minors to access “gender affirming care.” This effectively stands between trans-activist medical practitioners and children.

Biden met Kal Penn, guest host on Monday’s “The Daily Show”, to record an interview. The conversation turned to trans-identifying kids and the efforts being made by Republicans in states such as Florida to stop children making irreversible choices about their bodies while they are still too young for voting.

Biden acknowledged that “gender-affirming” care was more complex — “harder” — when there are children involved. However, he insisted that states should not interfere with legislation.

In a video that was leaked before Penn’s Monday broadcast, he said to Penn “Transgender children is really a difficult thing.” “What’s happening in Florida is, my mother would say it, almost sinful.”


It’s horrible what they’re doing. It’s not like a child wakes up and decides to be a man or woman. What are they thinking? They are human beings. They love. They feel. They are inclined to be that way. It’s just that it seems to me, it’s cruel.

The president suggested legislation to prevent states from taking action on the issue. He argued that the federal government should “make certain we pass legislation similar to what we passed with same-sex marital. If you don’t follow the law, you will be held responsible.”

Concerning “What’s happening in Florida” — Biden was objecting, state medical boards approved last November banning transgender surgery, puberty blocking drugs, and cross-sex hormonals for minors. The Florida Senate also filed a bill that would make businesses pay for detransition costs — even if they initially covered those costs.