Biden wishes Republicans ‘lots of luck’ in plans to investigate son Hunter if they take the House

Biden wished House Republicans luck if they keep their promises to use a GOP majority for Hunter’s business investigations. He said that he couldn’t control what they would do.

As the balance of power is in flux in Congress, Biden was asked by the White House Wednesday about the plans of the Republicans to investigate his presidency, cabinet members, and certain policies. If they win the majority in both the House of Representatives or the Senate, Biden will also be asking questions.

Biden laughed and said, “Lots luck in your senior years, as my coach used a to say,” “Look, the American public is asking us to get on with our lives and do what’s best for them.

He said, “Look, they can’t control me, all I can do to make it better for the American people.”


Since 2018, Hunter Biden is under federal investigation regarding his tax affairs.

Fox News reported that in July, the federal investigation being led by Trump-appointed Delaware U.S. attorney David Weiss had reached a “critical phase” and that federal investigators were weighing the possibility of bringing charges.

Fox News reported that in July, Weiss and Justice Department officials looked into Hunter Biden’s tax violations and more serious foreign lobbying offenses.

According to a source, Hunter Biden could face false statements charges. These could relate to his alleged lying during gun purchases in 2018.

Fox News reported that in 2018, police responded to an incident where a gun belonging to Hunter Biden was left in a trashcan outside a Delaware market.

Fox News was informed by a source familiar with the Oct. 23, 2018 police report that it stated that Hunter’s gun had been thrown in a dumpster near a school by Hallie Biden.

Fox News was informed by a source that Hunter Biden is still being investigated and that there has not been a final decision on whether to indict him.

According to a government source, Fox News reported Hunter Biden as a target/subject of the grand jury investigation in December 2020.

Federal investigations into Hunter Biden were based in part on suspicious activity reports (SARs), which covered foreign transactions.

Fox News reported in December 2020 from another source that SARs had been conducted to investigate funds coming from China and other foreign countries.

Hunter Biden issued a statement recognizing the federal investigation into “his tax affairs” a few weeks after the 2020 presidential election.

Biden repeatedly denied that he had discussed Hunter’s business ventures.