FBI Director Wray expected to testify before House Judiciary in mid-July amid FBI scrutiny

A person familiar with plans says that FBI Director Christopher Wray will appear in mid-July before the House Judiciary Committee for the first since embarrassing revelations about the Bureau emerged.

The hearing will be held in the coming weeks, after the special counsel John Durham has released his findings on unethical conduct by the FBI during the Russia collusion probe. House Republicans have also revealed evidence that the FBI retaliated towards whistleblowers. A court document reveals the FBI’s abuse of surveillance tools to target Americans suspected of being at the Jan. 6, 2020 riot.

Wray is likely to face questions about all of these fronts as well as a broader question regarding FBI politicization. Republicans on the House Judiciary Committee, and a subcommittee devoted to investigating “weaponization”, have been looking into this issue for months.

Before the recent negative headlines, frustration with Wray’s leadership was growing.


Republicans are outraged that the FBI will focus its attention on parents who protest liberal school policies in school board meetings beginning in 2021. They also accuse the FBI of a double standard when it comes to pursuing pro-abortion and anti-abortion activist activists.

Wray, although appointed by the former president Donald Trump to this position, has disappointed many Republicans who claim he runs his bureau too much like previous predecessors.

Durham has also been called to testify by the House Republicans, but a date for his appearance is not yet set.