Fetterman checked himself into hospital ‘to receive treatment for clinical depression,’ office says

Pennsylvania Democratic Senator John Fetterman checked himself in to Walter Reed National Military Medical Center “to treat clinical depression,” his chief-of-staff announced Thursday.

John was evaluated Monday by Dr. Brian P. Monahan (Attending Physician of the United States Congress). Dr. Monahan suggested that Walter Reed be considered for inpatient treatment yesterday. John agreed and is currently receiving treatment on a voluntary schedule,” Chief of Staff Adam Jentleson stated in a statement.

Fetterman, a freshman senator, was elected in November following a stroke that occurred in May last year.

Gisele Fetterman, Fetterman’s spouse, stated on Thursday that she is so proud of him for asking for assistance.

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John is the only one who would talk about his health after what he has been through over the past year. She tweeted, “I’m so proud that he asked for help and got the care he needed.”

She continued, saying, “This is an extremely difficult time for our families, so please respect and protect our privacy.”

Fetterman’s chief staff stated that after examining John, Walter Reed doctors informed us that John is receiving the care he requires and that he will soon be back to his self.

It also said that Fetterman had suffered from depression “off-and-on” throughout his life. However, the issue “only became serious in the past weeks.”

Fetterman’s office reported last week that Fetterman felt lightheaded and went to the George Washington University Hospital. Two days later, he was released from the hospital and his office stated that tests had been able “rule out” a new stroke.

On Thursday, Fetterman was supported by lawmakers from both sides of the aisle.

Chuck Schumer, Senate Majority Leader, said that he was happy to hear that the senator is receiving the support he requires.

“Millions of Americans struggle with depression every day, just like John. I look forward to his return to the Senate. Schumer tweeted, “Sending love and support John, Gisele and their families.”