Hunter Biden got $250k loan from Chinese exec during 2020 election, later his lawyer assumed debt

Hunter Biden, who is running for president in 2020, received a loan of $250,000 from a Chinese investor just three months after the launch of his father’s campaign. He then transferred the debt to an Hollywood lawyer that he had befriended. This was according to federal and congressional investigators.

House Oversight Committee revealed a few months ago that Hunter Biden received a $250,000 wire transfer in July 2019. The transfer was made using his father’s Delaware address. Hunter Biden’s payment was one of his last known foreign payments before he went bankrupt.

Just the News reviewed documents gathered by federal authorities and found that Hunter Biden believed the wire was a “loan” on July 25, 2019, from Xiangsheng Li, a Chinese entrepreneur with whom he has been in business for more than a decade. They had created a fund of investment under the name Bohai Harvest RST.

Hunter Biden, who had met Kevin Morris at a Joe Biden campaign fundraising event in Los Angeles on November 2019, transferred the debt after Joe Biden was elected president.


According to a record reviewed by Just the News, Morris “assumed the debt” on November 17, 2021, when the lawyer purchased Hunter Biden’s share in the BHR Partnership and a separate Skaneateles, LLC, the company. Hunter Biden is “no longer the primary debtor” due to the Morris transaction, according to the memo.

Morris, a Democrat contributor, has provided Hunter Biden with millions of dollars of assistance since they met.

Congress is investigating the relationship. According to a close source to Hunter Biden, the majority of Morris’ help comes in the form loans. Morris was also a part of Hunter Biden’s legal team at times.

James Comer, chairman of the House Oversight and Accountability Committee told Just the News that “it sure seems like the Bidens receive a lot loans that raises many questions.” Hunter Biden’s defense team quickly said that the $250,000 wire that he received from an Chinese national, which listed Joe Biden’s home as the recipient address, was a loan.

Comer continued, “However Hunter Biden’s defense team neglects to mention that Kevin Morris silently assumed that loan on behalf of Hunter Biden.” Why is Kevin Morris, a Democrat donor and lawyer, taking on Hunter Biden’s China debt?” Comer asked. The White House needs to answer these serious ethical questions.”

Just the News’ requests for comments to Morris and Hunter Biden’s attorney, Abbe Lowell did not receive a response.

Li is a Chinese entrepreneur who owned a company called Bohai capital and formed Bohai Harvest RST with Hunter Biden, Devon Archer and Devon Archer (BHR) in 2012. According to a Senate Report released in 2020, BHR was controlled by and funded primarily by Chinese state-owned companies, including Bank of China. Hunter Biden was on BHR’s board of director and owned a 10% stake from 2017 to date. According to the report, Biden received no compensation for his service.

The Senate report said that Hunter Biden and Devon Archer had engaged in a number of financial transactions with Chinese citizens who were deeply connected to the Communist Chinese Government.

Hunter Biden and Joe Biden, then Vice President, traveled to Beijing in December 2013 aboard Air Force Two. The trip was made shortly after Li Archer and Joe Biden signed a Memorandum of Understanding to form BHR. Hunter Biden acknowledged later that he had introduced Jonathan Li to his father in the lobby at their Beijing hotel. The Wall Street Journal reported that BHR had been registered in Beijing 12 days after the trip.

Hunter Biden received the loan exactly three months after April 25, 2019, when his father announced that he was running for president. Joe Biden has denied that he knew about his son’s business dealings in China, or that his son made money there, during the campaign and even today. Joe Biden, during the presidential debate in October 2020, claimed that his son had “not made money…in China” despite evidence to the contrary.

George Mesires was Hunter Biden’s lawyer in that period. He addressed Hunter’s role within the company. In a Medium post, he said that Hunter had no role in the creation or licensing of the company and did not own any equity while his father was vice president. “He was only a board member, and he joined the board because he wanted to find ways to get Chinese capital on international markets. This was an unpaid post.”

Hunter Biden, however, has his own emails and records that show he was involved in the formation of the company along with Devon Archer while his father served as Vice President. In emails taken from Hunter Biden’s laptop, Devon Archer and Hunter Biden discussed becoming partners with Li.

After Hunter Biden and his associates visited China to look for potential partners in April 2011, he was copied onto an email sent by Jim Bulger, one of Hunter Biden’s associates, to Li at Bohai to discuss future business opportunities. Hunter Biden received a copy of an email in April 2013 from the Chinese. I just spoke to Jonathan. Michael Lin, from Thornton, wrote: “He confirmed that he’d already instructed his attorneys to draft our fund collaboration for all related parties/partners.”

Morris acquired ownership of Skaneateles, LLC and the 10% stake it held in BHR sometime after Joe Biden announced his candidacy. Chris Clark, another Hunter Biden attorney, told the New York Times that in 2022, the younger Biden had “no interest in BHR or Skaneateles, either directly or indirectly.”

He gained some fame after he represented the producers of the “South Park” TV series in a $1.4billion deal, and later won a Tony award as a producer! He became famous after representing the producers of “South Park” in a $1.4billion TV deal. He later won a Tony Award as a producer.

Gary Shapley, an IRS whistleblower who testified to Congress in the summer, revealed his association with and loans made to the younger Biden.

Kevin Patrick Morris will be in the spotlight towards the end of 2019 or 2020. He was also described as having met Hunter Biden at an event on campaign finance. And he