Karine Jean-Pierre blasted for shouting down reporters: ‘Condescending, smug, absolute embarrassment’

After yelling at journalists and users on Twitter, Karine Jean-Pierre, White House press secretary, was subject to a new backlash.

Daily Caller White House correspondent Diana Glebova tried to ask a question about investigations into the origins of the coronavirus after Dr. Anthony Fauci, the outgoing White House chief Medical Advisor, spoke about the administration’s vaccination efforts. Jean-Pierre refused to answer Glebova’s question and rebuked her for being “disrespectful”.

“We have a process. I don’t call out people who shout. Jean-Pierre stated that you are being, Jean-Pierre was being, disrespectful to your coworkers, and disrespectful towards our guest. Jean-Pierre said, “I won’t call you if your yells are too loud and you’re taking away time because Dr. Fauci must leave in a few minutes.”

Jean-Pierre continued to shout that she was done answering their questions, despite the fact that other reporters had defended Glebova.

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Social media users swiftly condemned Jean-Pierre’s actions as “unprofessional” and an attack against the press.

Dave Rubin, a political commentator, said, “What condescending, smug and absolute embarrassment KJP was …”.”

Stephen Miller, Spectator contributing editor, joked that it was an “incredible display of threatening antijournalism.” This is very dangerous. This is a grave threat to the foundations on which our democracy of free press is built. Our Republic must protect the sacred virtue of a free press that can question our government.

Washington Free Beacon executive editor Brent Scher tweeted: “What does Jim Acosta think about this?” Attack on the free press

“Questions about Covid origins should be asked by every reporter. “This reaction from the White House is really strange,” Hudson Institute senior fellow Rebecca Heinrichs wrote.

Jack McGuire, a blogger at Barstool Sports, tweeted: “Why does she think she is a 3rd-grade teacher?”

“She is utterly losing control over the press corps, because the WH spends an excessive amount of time answering questions from the 12 corporate reporters day in and out. It’s shameful. It was also the day that FOIA returned Fauci’s early planning regarding the origins covid,” Geoffrey Ingersoll, editor-in-chief of The Daily Caller wrote.

Glebova herself made comments on the exchange via her Twitter account.

“I tried to ask Fauci many times what he did personally to get answers about the origins COVID-19. Americans are always looking for honest answers and I always give them the truth. Glebova tweeted that the White House refused to call me and called ME “disrespectful”.

The Daily Caller editor in chief, Jean-Pierre, also condemned Jean-Pierre’s habit of limiting the number of friendly reporters she calls on during briefings.

“In the aftermath of Biden’s meeting Xi, in the same hour that emails showing Dr. Fauci early messaging efforts regarding Covid origins were released, we tried to question the doctor if he had ever advised the president to press Xi to transparency on covid. KJP bullied our reporter immediately to wait for a “turn” that never came and to respect the process. We tried to ask the doctor if he had advised the president to press Xi for transparency on Covid origins.

He said, “Jean Pierre presides over an bush league facsimile journalism, and [White House Correspondents Association] has facilitated this by constituting pressers so anti-democratically possible.”

White House reporters have criticised the Biden administration’s conduct of press conferences since Jen Psaki was the press secretary. After Josh Boak, Associated Press correspondent, called a halt to a conference that lasted less than 45 minutes in March, many reporters were caught up in a heated debate. The administration was accused by members of the press of prioritizing pundits from the establishment media.