McCarthy reacts to classified documents discovered from Biden’s time as VP: Dems ‘overplayed their hand’

Kevin McCarthy, R-Calif. is the House Speaker. He claims Democrats have “overplayed” their hand in handling classified documents at Mar-a-Lago. This comes in light of new revelations about classified documents at the Penn Biden Center that were discovered by Joe Biden, who took them after his tenure as vice president almost six years ago.

McCarthy replied Monday evening to a reporter asking about new reports that Biden had taken a bunch of records from Biden’s tenure as vice president.

Richard Saubel, White House special counsel, said that a “small number” of classified documents were found at Penn Biden Center on Nov. 2 by the president’s personal lawyers.

While preparing to vacate the center’s office space, the attorneys discovered the documents in a locked cupboard. The president had used the center from mid-2017 through the start of his 2020 campaign.

“Oh really? They found them just now? McCarthy replied, “After all these years.” McCarthy told a reporter that he had compared the Biden-era documents to last year’s FBI raid at Trump’s Mar-a-Lago Florida home in Florida for classified documents.

McCarthy later said to reporters Monday that he thought it was proof of what they tried do to President Trump. He also stated that they had overplayed their hand and that they could have waited even longer.

He said, “They’ve been here even longer.” “President Trump was the first person to be elected and had just left office. This is an individual who spent 40 years in office, and still has this from his vice president.

McCarthy said, “It just proves that they were trying be political to Donald Trump.”