Senate GOP Border Deal Leaked: Migrants to Get Work Permits, Lawyers, Green Cards

Immigration Accountability Project says that the Senate GOP’s draft border agreement with the White House would encourage illegal immigration and more foreign graduates to compete for jobs with American graduates.

Chris Chmielenski of the Immigration Accountability Project said:

This bill essentially allows the Biden Administration to continue catching and releasing people into the United States. It allows them to issue work permits to illegal migrants, and also to grant legal status to anyone they can funnel through a port entry.

He said that the Democrats played Republicans. Chmielenski tweeted that “the Republicans went to an auto shop to have their car repaired and came out with a damaged cup holder.”

When the Truth Gets Out

Lt. Gen. Flynn here. I know how to get revenge after what they did to Trump. There’s a Democrat under indictment that we need to defeat, Henry Cuellar. This district is RIPE for the flipping. And given it’s a majority Latino district, I’ve partnered with Latinos for America First to help us get the Republican candidate, Jay Furman, elected this November. Are you on board?

When the Truth Gets Out
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Border Deal would be:

Increase the green card limit by 50,000/year

Adult children of H-1B visa holders can work with their parents.

3) Work permits are issued immediately to all illegal aliens released from detention

4) Certain UACs, and mentally incompetent foreigners are represented by lawyers funded by taxpayers

5) The authority to expel for a certain number of days is only available if the encounters per day exceed 5k in a 7-day period.

6) Restriction of parole for those entering without authorization between points of entry

Chmielenski’s report is in line with a CBS report and remarks from Sen. Rand Paul.

Paul, speaking to Fox News in January 9, said that the draft agreement is a “sellout” because it will continue to allow illegal immigration. Paul said that the draft deal was a “sellout” because it would allow illegal immigration to continue. He told Fox News on January 9.

Paul stated that the Democrats won over Sen. Mitch McConnell, R-KY, by threatening to stop funding Ukraine’s war with Russia.

Senator [Mitch] McConnell is a person who cares more about Ukraine — than border issues, or anything else. He wants you to send 60 billion dollars to Ukraine. McConnell has a closer relationship with Biden on this issue.

Sen. Thom Tillis, R-NC, is a strong advocate of the deal. He suggested on January 10, that it would be popular as it would reduce the asylum-migration component of the massive inflow.

I am a member of the working groups. I’ve seen the progress… We can’t miss this chance. The stakes are high. … you don’t need any political courage in order to do what is right here, because border security policy is good politics for an overwhelming majority of [Senators] who need to vote this bill.

There will probably be 25-30 members of this body who won’t vote in favor. Some will say it wasn’t too far. Others will say it did not go far enough. But we need 70 votes to generate the momentum needed to pass it in the House. I will be one of the 70 votes.

Tillis didn’t mention the administrations efforts to expand H-1B or the expansion of the parole inflow. He did mention, however, that he believes we should be able to legally import [each] year another 250,000 [workers] or a half-million more than we already do.

Chmielenski said that the draft deal was bad for Americans as well as for the GOP.

Chmielenski said that the deal extends the narrow loophole of parole that Biden uses to improperly reshape America’s labor market, by importing approximately 1 million parole migrants each year.

The current law allows for an annual inflow to be around one million legal immigrants who are not on parole and several hundred thousands temporary visa workers. State Attorneys General are challenging Biden’s use of the loophole to obtain parole for a large number of people every year. Any final deal will likely remove the 1996 limitation that limits the access to parole only to a few people per year.

He noted that the deal would also provide work permits to all illegals once they were released from prison. This giveaway would drive down wages for Americans by increasing competition in the job market.

The work permit terms of the deal may also override current laws which require that all migrants be held until their asylum claims are decided. Biden’s aides ignore these laws and spend billions to help migrants find jobs in the United States, not detention centres.

The flood of low-wage labor would also reduce corporate investment in wealth generating automation, reducing average productivity across the country. Employers in high-wage coastal towns would absorb the flood, which would reduce job creation in heartland states.

In addition, Americans would pay attorneys to assist more illegal-migrants youths in claiming their birthright as Americans. The deal would help cartels and their labor traffickers to recruit more foreign youths for dangerous jobs in the United States.

The alleged deal expands the migration incentives for lower-wage Indian graduate to take Fortune 500 jobs from U.S. Graduates via the H-1B worker visa program.

This extra incentive comes in the form of work permits for their adult children. They can then compete with young American graduates for housing and jobs. The number of adult children in this population is large because 400,000 Indians are competing for green cards and have crowded themselves into long waiting lines.

Indians make up the largest group of nationalities in the visa-worker program. The programs enable the Fortune 500 companies and their subsidiaries, to retain a workforce of approximately 2 million contract foreign workers at professional-class positions across the country.

Foreign managers of the imported workforce sell jobs in secret to their ethnic networks, by first excluding a large number of Americans from many professional careers.

Non-immigrant workers also allow C-suite executives a way to reduce the status of U.S. professional employees, including journalists and their families, and to corral technological innovation.

According to the leak, an additional 50,000 green cards will be awarded.

Chmielenski said that these cards would be used to recruit more foreign graduates into the Fortune 500 workforce. These extra green cards could be used as a recruiting tool by Fortune 500 managers, because they can convert them into citizenship and the government’s generous workplace bonus.

The bill’s supporters claim it will stop the surge at the border.

Chmielenski, however, scoffed the “Expedited Removing Clause” in the draft.

That’s ridiculous. It takes seven days in a row of [migrant] encounters exceeding 5,000 for curbs to be implemented. It’s a good thing.