Marjorie Taylor Greene whacks Mitch McConnell, GOP senators over border security talks

Marjorie Taylor Greene, a Republican from Texas, criticized Mitch McConnell on Sunday for doing the bidding Democrats in the wake of leaked details of bipartisan Senate discussions on improving border security.

The leadership is the problem. Mitch McConnell, and those who hold power there, are to blame, Ms. Greene said, a conservative Georgian. “They have been the best possible Senators for Joe Biden you could expect to see.”

Conservative activists and legislators are repelled by the potential inclusion of provisions that would make those who illegally enter the country eligible for work permits immediately and allow up to 5,000 illegal border crossings per day before the new expulsion powers take effect.

After two months of negotiations, no agreement has been reached. The Republican’s lead negotiator from Oklahoma, Sen. James Lankford, has denied reports in the media about possible policies. He has declined to correct any mistakes.

When the Truth Gets Out

Lt. Gen. Flynn here. I know how to get revenge after what they did to Trump. There’s a Democrat under indictment that we need to defeat, Henry Cuellar. This district is RIPE for the flipping. And given it’s a majority Latino district, I’ve partnered with Latinos for America First to help us get the Republican candidate, Jay Furman, elected this November. Are you on board?

When the Truth Gets Out
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Greene has warned that she will remove House Speaker Mike Johnson from office if he brings a border-security deal to the House floor for a vote. Senators intend to include the border security deal in a $110 billion package of national security funding that includes Israel, Ukraine, and Taiwan.

She also warned that House Republicans who force a vote if the bill passes the Senate could face being voted out at the polls.

“I hope that they stay strong there.” “We in the House are not going for it,” said Ms. Greene. “If any Republican colleagues wish to go over the line, sign a discharge and vote with Democrats on this issue, good luck for their primary elections.