Trump meets with Ronna McDaniel — then says he’ll be recommending RNC changes

Donald Trump met Monday with Republican National Committee chairwoman Ronna McDaniel, a day after the former President said he anticipated “changes” to the RNC.

Two people who were familiar with the meeting confirmed that it took place in Trump’s Mar-a-Lago Estate.

Trump posted on Truth Social after the meeting that McDaniel is his “friend” but said that he will be requesting changes to the committee in the wake of the South Carolina GOP primaries on February 24.

He wrote: “Ronna has now been appointed as the head of the RNC and I will make a decision on my recommendations for RNC growth the day following the South Carolina Primary.”


McDaniel and Trump have been friends for a long time. In recent months, Trump has publicly criticized the committee’s decision to hold primary debates that featured his Republican rivals – debates in which he refused participation. He said that despite spending millions of dollars, the RNC should focus more on issues relating to voter integrity.

Top Republicans have expressed concern about the finances of the party as we approach the general elections. The RNC had just $8 million cash in 2023, which is less than half of what the Democratic National Committee had.

In an interview that was broadcast on Fox News Sunday, Trump, the frontrunner for the GOP nomination, said that he will push for change.

“I thought she did great running Michigan for me. I thought she did okay in the RNC at first. He said, “I would say that right now there will probably be some adjustments made.”

Representatives of Trump and the RNC declined comment.

McDaniel has been the RNC Chair for the longest time in modern history. She’s held this position since 2017. Over the past year, she has been criticized by conservative activists – namely Turning Point USA – who believe that she is too closely aligned with party establishment. She faced Harmeet dhillon in her reelection campaign last year. Dhillon was a California RNC member backed by Turning Point USA. McDaniel won easily, with Dhillon securing the support of 55 RNC committee members.

A possible RNC shakeup can take several forms. If McDaniel leaves — she hasn’t publicly stated whether she will step aside — an election would be held to replace her. Trump could endorse a candidate for that race.

A second possibility is that Trump’s campaign could install an ally at the committee, who would be in charge of the operation even if McDaniel was still there.