Trump packs schedule with rallies in key states before midterm elections

In the days leading up the midterm elections, former President Donald Trump is busy filling his calendar. This is another indication that Trump’s popularity is not slowing down.
Trump’s Save America PAC announced at least four rallies on Wednesday. These rallies are all aimed at boosting high-profile candidates from key states, as Republicans seek to rally support enough to retake power in the House of Representatives and Senate.
Trump’s group boasts an effort to “advance MAGA agenda.” Trump’s group stated that Trump is supporting his endorsed candidates. Trump will be first in Sioux City (Iowa) on Thursday, November 3, to support Republicans like Gov. Kim Reynolds and Senator Chuck Grassley.
Trump will host a rally in Latrobe on Saturday, November 5, where he supported candidates like state Sen. Doug Mastriano, who is running for governor, and Dr. Mehmet O for Senate. After that, Trump will host a “Get Out the Vote Rally,” in Latrobe, Pennsylvania on Saturday, Nov. 5, where he will endorse candidates such as state Sen. Doug Mastriano for governor and Dr. Mehmet Oz for Senate. This rally will be held in Miami on Sunday.
Trump will be campaigning for candidates, including his choice for Senate J.D., on the eve the midterm elections which take place Tuesday, Nov. 8. Vance, Vandalia, Ohio on Monday.
As speculation about a possible 2024 run grows, all this is happening. Trump has hinted heavily that he will run a third White House campaign in 2024, but has not officially declared his candidacy. He said this at a rally last weekend, “I will probably need to do it again.”
Trump’s marquee Boeing 757 Boeing 757, “Trump Force One”, made a return to Texas after it was relegated during his presidency. It was a regular sight in Trump’s 2016 campaign. As if all that weren’t enough, a Washington Post report this past week stated that Chris LaCivita, a veteran Virginia GOP operative is being considered for a leadership role in a possible campaign.
Trump could run against President Joe Biden if he runs again. Trump stated in a recent interview that he plans to seek another term, but has not made a decision. Biden has avoided major rallies during this midterm cycle. However, he is expected back to campaign with former President Barack Obama and Senate hopeful John Fetterman, (D), in the Philadelphia and Pittsburgh areas of November 5.