WaPo Editorial Calls On Kamala Harris To Step Down ‘For The Country’s Sake’

Kathleen Parker, in a Friday editorial from The Washington Post, called for Vice President Kamala to step down “for the sake of the country”.

Parker said that while she had hoped Harris would shine and thrive in her role as second-in command, she – and many Americans with her – had been disappointed with the vice president’s job performance.

Parker wrote: “The Kamala dilemma comes down to this.” “She was chosen because she is Black and female. This combination is equivalent to job security. Biden cannot fire her now that she is a burden on the Democratic ticket. He cannot risk alienating his supporters. “Full stop.”

Parker noted that the “Kamala Conundrum” is particularly troubling, given the number Americans who are also concerned about the age and cognitive condition of President Joe Biden.


The seriousness of the situation cannot be overstated. Parker wrote that Biden’s declining faculties and physical frailty, despite his relatively successful State of the Union Address, are concerning. “Everyone knows he is not in peak form,” Parker added. In a recent New York Times survey, 73 percent believe that Biden is not old enough to be the country’s top executive. “This includes 61 percent who voted him in 2020.”

Parker concluded his article by pointing out Harris’ low scores in job approval polls, which consistently rank her among the lowest for a vice president. He argued that even if Biden were to be replaced as the Democratic nominee’s number one, these numbers would not skyrocket just because Harris had moved to the top of the ticket.

She said that Harris should resign for the good of the country, or more accurately, the Democratic Party’s chances of winning in 2024. Parker did not say who she would like to replace Harris in the event of her stepping down.