DOJ searches Biden Delaware beach home amid classified document investigation

FBI agents searched President Biden’s vacation home at Rehoboth Beach in Delaware for three-and a half hours on Wednesday. However, they did not discover any additional classified documents, Bob Bauer, the president’s attorney, said.

“Today, with President Obama’s full cooperation and support, the DOJ conducts a planned search at his house in Rehoboth (Delaware). According to DOJ’s standard procedures and in the interest of operational security, integrity, it attempted to do this work without prior notice to the public. Bauer released a statement.

“The search today is another step in a thorough, timely DOJ process that we will continue to support and facilitate fully. He said that we will be able to provide more information after today’s search is over.”

Bauer stated that the search ended around noon. Bauer said there was no warrant.

The search took place on Robert Hur, Special Counsel to the Justice Department’s first day. Merrick Garland, Attorney General, appointed Hur special counsel to investigate the Biden documents. Hur was briefed over the past weeks about the investigation, but today marks his first day at the DOJ as special counsel.

Fox News Digital Hur, according to sources, will be briefed about the Rehoboth Beach hunt.

The FBI and Special Counsel Hur didn’t comment.

After several sets of classified documents found at Biden’s Wilmington, Delaware residence, Justice Department prosecutors are reportedly considering a search of his Rehoboth Beach house.

FBI agents searched the Wilmington residence, and also Biden’s old offices at Penn Biden Center in Washington, D.C., were a few other classified documents found. Each search was authorized by the Biden team, who is now working with the Justice Department in order to locate and turn over all classified documents that Biden has. Some of these documents date back to his time as vice-president.

Bis now, Biden has turned over between 25-30 documents with classified markings to the National Archives.

Biden is being investigated by special counsel for his retention and use of classified documents, just like Donald Trump.

The White House repeatedly refused to comment on the classified records’ contents or the levels of classification. Instead, it said that they had been “transmitted to proper authorities” and would be part of an ongoing investigation. Lawmakers have tried to demand more transparency, but have been denied by the Biden administration for trying to “stonewall” them.

In mid-January, Karine Jean-Pierre, White House press secretary, assured reporters that the search for new documents had ended. New documents were then found at Biden’s Wilmington residence on Jan. 14, and again on January 20, and Biden’s Rehoboth Beach property was also searched.

The House Republicans are preparing to launch an investigation into Joe Biden’s handling of classified material. Oversight Committee Chairman Rep. James Comer (R-Ky.) told Fox News that “nothing Joe Biden did with respect to mishandling those classified documents was normal.”