Emails from Antony Blinken Found on Hunter Biden’s Laptop

A staff report of the House Judiciary Committee will reveal that the CIA conspired to create a letter claiming falsely that emails from Hunter Biden’s laptop were Russian propaganda, and to solicit signatures from former intelligence officials.

Morell informed the CIA Prepublication Review Board (PCRB), that he was in a hurry to get the letter approved on that particular day, October 19th, 2020, to give then-candidate Joe Biden ammunition to use in the final debate of the presidential campaign to discredit The Post report about the Biden emails, which had been released five days earlier.

According to a statement Cariens made to the Subcommittees on the weaponization of the federal government and intelligence, a CIA worker working for the PCRB asked former CIA analyst David Cariens for a signature on Morell’s note that day.

Cariens said that he was speaking to the PCRB regarding the prepublication review for his memoir, and that the CIA employee had “asked” him if he’d sign the draft.

When the person responsible for reviewing my book called me to tell me it had been approved without any changes, he told me about the draft. The person asked if I was willing to sign. . . “I agreed to sign.”

Cariens informed his wife Janice Cariens about the letter. She also agreed to sign.

Morell told the PCRB, “[t]his job is urgent as it must be completed as quickly as possible.”

Morell said to Brennan, a signatory who was also a former CIA Director, that he wanted this letter released prior to Biden’s debate with Donald Trump on October 22, 2020: “Trying give the campaign, especially during the debate,. . “A talking point to pushback on Trump.”

Marc Polymeropoulos – a former CIA acting Chief of Operations in Europe and Eurasia – congratulated Morell for securing a lightning fast approval from the PCRB on Oct. 19, 2020.

He texted, “You have some juice”.

Morell asks, “With the PRB (PCRB)?”

“Yes, ha,” replies Polymeropoulos.

Morell texted “Ha, you’re right.” They are probably afraid I will be returning.

Morell had been widely tipped as the CIA Director if Biden was elected. His hopes were dashed, however, when he wasn’t nominated to the position.

Previously, it was revealed that Morell’s letter was inspired by Biden’s campaign adviser Antony Blinken (now Secretary of State), who called him in October 2020 to discuss an article published in the Post about the laptop.

Morell informed Blinken he had not read the article. Blinken then forwarded to him an article from USA Today claiming that the FBI was looking into whether the disinformation was Russian.

Morell stated that he did not intend to draft the statement before Blinken contacted him.

Morell testified in sworn testimony before the committees that the PCRB is made up of CIA agents, “not contractors”, and their sole purpose is to determine if former and current CIA employees are disclosing classified data in any material they may release to the public.