Sen. Ron Johnson says Antony Blinken ‘lied boldface’ to Congress about Hunter Biden

Ron Johnson, a Republican Senator from Texas, accused Secretary of State Antony Blinken in 2020 of “boldfaced” lies after he told Congress under oath that he had never emailed Hunter Biden.

Johnson’s comments came after emails revealed that Blinken, the son of the then-President Barack Obama at the time, and Hunter were in contact in 2015 when Blinken was working for him and Hunter served on the board of Ukrainian oil and gas firm Burisma.

Johnson, on Fox’s Sunday Morning Futures, said: “We know he lied to Congress boldface about never having emailed Hunter Biden.” “My guess is that he told other lies.”

Emails from summer 2015 show Hunter trying to arrange a meeting with Blinken (then Barack Obama’s Deputy Secretary of State) to “advise” him on certain issues.

Johnson has now claimed that Blinken may have broken the law by speaking to Congress in an interview conducted in December 2020, when he was being nominated as secretary of state for the Biden administration.

Johnson said, “You can’t trust Joe Biden.” Johnson said, “You can’t trust Hunter Biden.” The Biden family is not to be trusted. You can’t really trust the people they surround themselves with.”

Johnson called on fellow legislators to issue subpoenas to Blinken, and his wife Evan Ryan to testify again before Congress and preserve their records.

Johnson stated, “I doubt that he will declare his innocence. But he, and she, must preserve their records, including their emails.” When you find out the truth, you need to prove how corrupt these people are.

Blinken’s 2015 correspondence with the Biden scion was conducted entirely through his AOL private email account, rather than his official State Department address.

According to records, Hunter also asked Ryan via email in 2010 if she could get Blinken’s private email. After the meeting, they also planned to have coffee together.

The relationship between Blinken, then a Biden 2020 adviser, and Hunter has lasted for over a decade. Last week the House Judiciary Committee reported that former CIA Acting Director Michael Morell had testified privately that Blinken – at the time a Biden campaign adviser – “triggered” a private letter from 51 former intelligence officials who sought to discredit The Post’s reporting about bombshell emails found on the laptop of the first son.

Biden, in the final and second presidential debate against Donald Trump cited this letter and falsely claimed that the information revealed by The Post – and later widely confirmed – was the result “of a Russian plant.”