Joe Biden Defiant: Red Wave ‘Didn’t Happen’ and ‘I’m Not Going to Change Anything’

On Wednesday, President Joe Biden ridiculed the media, pollsters, and pundits for their predictions of a Republican red wave in the midterm elections. He told Americans that he wouldn’t change his policies if Democrats did better than expected.

Biden spoke at the White House about the midterm elections results. He argued that Democrats had a strong night despite the possibility of losing the House of Representatives majority.

Biden answered reporters’ questions about his future agenda and the things he would change.

He argued that voters were only “just discovering what we’re doing” about inflation.

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He claimed that the more people know about our work, the more support they will receive.

Biden mocked the predictions of a Republican takeover during the midterms.

He said, “While the pundits and the press are predicting a huge red wave, it didn’t happen.”

He also dismissed pollsters who predicted tough races for Democrats.

“I don’t look at them as much anymore.” When asked about polls that showed voters dissatisfied with inflation, he replied “I’m not sure how to read them anymore.”

Biden stated that he would talk to Kevin McCarthy, House Majority Leader, Wednesday about how they worked together when he was elected speaker.

He said, “I’m willing to work with my Republican peers.” “And the American people have made it clear, I believe, that they expect Republicans be ready to work with them as well,” he said.

Biden stated that he will not compromise on tax cuts for the wealthy, Social Security reforms, and the reduction of green energy investments. He also said that he will not be lowering abortion restrictions.

“I have a simple proposition. He said, “I have a pen that can vote.”

The president stated that Republicans are struggling politically and would more often leave former President Donald Trump’s political party.

He said, “I don’t think we’re gonna break a fever for the Super Mega-MAGA Republicans — i think they’re a minority in the Republican Party.”

Biden laughed when a reporter pointed out that Trump’s movement was still strong.