Former UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson leads as he looks to retake top job

According to reports, Boris Johnson is one the most prominent contenders for the U.K. prime-minister’s job despite being ousted just three months ago after losing support from his party.

The U.K.’s Conservative lawmakers faced a new crisis when Liz Truss, who had been in the post for 44 days, resigned as prime Minister.

Reuters reports that Johnson, despite leaving office amid a series scandals such as “partygate”, and the mass resignations of many top officials over sexual misconduct allegations involving his former Tory Deputy Chief whip Chris Pincher. Johnson is still considered one of the top contenders for the Conservative legislative seat.

According to opinion polls, Britain’s Conservative Party may be wiped out in the next national elections. Tory officials want to get the 100 votes from Conservative lawmakers now to fill the top position.


Johnson will not be reelected as prime minister but he is likely to take on Rishi Sunak, his former finance minister.

According to Reuters, a party election will be held among Tory lawmakers Monday as long as all candidates can achieve the minimum 100 votes.

Only one candidate will be eligible for the job if they receive the required minimum votes.

The publication stated that once the race has been narrowed down to two candidates, the vote can be opened to the approximately 170,000 members of the Conservative Party.

According to reports Friday, not everyone in Johnson’s party or in his former cabinet is convinced that he can make the dramatic comeback required to retake the role of prime minister.

“The country needs a mature, serious leader. Let’s not forget Boris, he had his chance. “I suspect that’s not what the Tory Party will do, they may very well re-elect Boris,” Will Walden chief counsel and communications Director told the BBC.

Ballots will close on Friday, October 28th. Results will be announced that same day.