IDF operation in Gaza’s Shifa Hospital ongoing, as army targets terror infrastructure

Germany’s Bild has a massive display that calls for the release of hostages to the side of the building.

The German Bild publication has erected a huge banner demanding the release of hostages being held in Gaza on the outside of the building in Berlin.

The show was received with enthusiasm with the blessing of Israel’s ambassador to Germany Ron Prosor.

“Big thanks to BILD for being a steadfast ally to Israel!” Prosor writes on X. “The display of the Gaza hostages’ video on Axel Springer’s newspaper building tonight speaks volumes about the authenticity of our friendship and the commitment to being on the right side of history.”


“A true friend is the greatest of all blessings,” He writes.

Alarms for rockets are heard in a variety of communities near close to Gaza border.

These towns are evacuated of civilians since the conflict began following Hamas’s horrific massacre on October 7.

Sirens are heard on in Sderot, Nir Am and Ibim.

There are no reports at this time of injuries or damages.

A rocket shot out of Gaza’s Gaza Strip causes damage in the city of Ashkelon, located in the southern coast. Ashkelon.

There have been none of the reports that mention injuries resulting of the blast.

Video footage shows the damage to roads and nearby vehicles.

Cabinet minister for war Benny Gantz says he will oppose using coalition funds to fund any purpose that is not related to war, which puts Gantz at odds to Finance Minister Bezalel Smotrich’s revised budget plan.

“I think that all of the available resources of the State of Israel should be concentrated in this matter [war management], and I am not prepared to use coalition funds for purposes unrelated to this matter, unequivocally,” he states, in response to questions from reporters at the Tel Aviv press conference.

“I think that all available resources should be diverted to fighting,” he adds.

Finance Ministry officials have said that a variety of regular public functions are covered by the coalition fund that are discretionary pools of money traditionally used to fulfill political commitments. Gantz declares that Israel should not stop funding the needs of its citizens however, they should be included in the budget of the Treasury.

“No political deals of any kind will be made during the war, on any issue or by anyone,” He adds as Smotrich is believed to have secured the hundreds of millions in dollars in coalition funds prior to the war, which were promised to priority areas on areas in the West Bank and to private ultra-Orthodox schools.

Gantz states that he has demanded the Prime Premier Benjamin Netanyahu to invite “treasury heads” to the war cabinet meeting in order to discuss the war’s requirements in addition to “the fallout from them.”

A fuel truck has entered Gaza via Gaza’s Rafah border crossing in Egypt State-aligned Al Qahera News reports, this is the first time a fuel truck has been delivered since the Israeli-Hamas war started on the 7th of October.

An Egyptian source has said that fuel will be provided directly to United Nations “to facilitate the delivery of aid after trucks on the Palestinian side stopped operating for lack of fuel.”

The UN declares that it has not received enough fuel. It’s not clear if they received all the fuel it received from Egypt.

“This is equivalent to half of a truck! This is not even enough. More is required. Fuel is used as a weapon of war. This has to be stopped,” UNRWA says on X which was previously Twitter.

In a separate article, UNRWA confirms receiving 23,027 Liters (6,083 gallon) of fuel, but says it was able to meet only “nine percent” of what the agency requires daily to support its lifesaving efforts.

The IDF supplied the fuel for Gaza City’s Shifa Hospital earlier this week however, the military claimed Hamas had prevented the hospital from allowing it.

Israel states that Hamas has fuel stocks and other items that they are keeping from a growing needy civilian population.

Rocket sirens ring in many communities close to the Gaza border as well as in the south of the city, which includes the coast of Ashkelon.

The alerts are issued following an unrest of about seventeen hours after the most recent round came from Gaza.

But, sirens ring nearly simultaneously, when a barrage is being fired from Lebanon towards northern Israel.

There are no reports at this time of injuries or damages.

The sirens of the rocket alert are heard throughout the northern part of Israel at first in 18 hours.

The alerts are being heard throughout the villages that include Kiryat Shmona, Margaliot and Misgav Am, which have been mostly evacuated of civilians.

There are no reports at this time of injuries or damages.

The Knesset will hold another screening of the raw footage from Hamas’s November 7 attack across southern Israel according to the spokesperson of Knesset Speaker Amir Ohana.

Ra’am MK Iman Khatib Yasin, who was the subject of public censure as well as Knesset sanctions for denying the massacres that were committed by Hamas on the 7th of October is in the room, a spokesperson confirmed.

Khatib-Yassin is a member of the lawmakers’ group that requested that Ohana organize another viewing of the collection that the IDF Spokesperson’s Office has keep within a strict, locked-door control.

Opinion Leader Yair Lapid decries Turkish president Recep Tayyip Erdogan following Erdogan claimed that Israel is an “terrorist state.”

“We won’t take lessons in morality from President Erdogan, a man with an appalling human rights record,” Lapid writes on X which was previously known as Twitter.

“Israel is defending itself against brutal terrorists from Hamas-ISIS, some of whom have been allowed to operate under Erdogan’s roof,” Lapid states.

Turkey has been for a long time an area of refuge for top members of Hamas.

Turkish Presidency Recep Tayyip Erdogan is stepping up his scathing remarks about Israel by calling Israel an “terrorist state” and claiming that it has plans to destroy Gaza as well as all its inhabitants.

In a passionate speech to the members of his party, Erdogan also says his country will do everything in order to make sure that the country’s politicians as well as military officials are tried before international tribunals.

“Israel is implementing a strategy of total destruction of a city and its people,” Erdogan states. “I say openly that Israel is a terrorist state.”

It is also said that the Turkish leader also refers to Hamas terrorists in the form of “resistance fighters” trying to defend their homelands and their people.

Erdogan made the remarks just days before he’s set to leave on a formal trip to Berlin. The day before, German Chancellor Olaf Scholz claimed that Erdogan’s claims about fascism in the face of Israel was “absurd.”

Erdogan has become a more active critic of Israel’s war against Hamas which began after the terrorist group committed a brutal massacre throughout the southern part of Israel on the 7th of October killing more than 1,200 people, mostly civilians.

Israel was an ongoing regional ally of Turkey prior to the time Erdogan became president however relations deteriorated following an incident in 2010. Israeli commando attack at the Gaza-bound Mavi Marmara ship, part of a flotilla to break the blockade, which killed the bodies of 10 Turkish activists who fought IDF soldiers who were on board the vessel.

Netanyahu and Erdogan repeatedly fired bricks at each other during the years that followed and even shared accusations of genocide. On July 14, 2014, Erdogan slammed Israel of Jewish State for “keeping Hitler’s spirit alive” in a conflict with Gaza.

Relations later saw a modest improvement, however both countries pulled their ambassadors in the year 2018 due to tensions in Gaza as well as the Trump administration’s move of its ambassador to Jerusalem.

With a deteriorating economic and diplomatic isolation Erdogan started to publicly show an openness to a closer relationship in December of 2020.

In August the previous year Israel as well as Turkey announced the renewal of their diplomatic relations. In the beginning of this month Ankara announced that it would be sending its ambassador back to Israel for talks because Israel has refused to accept a cease-fire in Gaza.