DeSantis signs laws expanding sanctions on Iran, protecting Jewish schools

Florida Gov. Florida Gov.

In response to rising antisemitic sentiments due to the Israel/Hamas conflict, the bills provide $45 million in security funds for Jewish schools and other institutions.

DeSantis strongly supports the Israeli government’s conflict with Hamas, and has pushed for policies that will assist Israel and help American Jews.

Second, a new law increases penalties for Florida companies that have business partners in Iran. Iran is Israel’s biggest rival and has been the subject of federal sanctions since recent weeks.

Now what?

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Now what?
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Last month, just days after Israel and Hamas began their war, the presidential candidate proposed the legislation.

DeSantis stated that “our proposed legislation will reinforce Florida’s commitment to not do business with states sponsors of terrorism, such as Iran.”

He added, “It will expand the prohibition of state investment into Iranian businesses, to include the financial sector, construction, manufacturing and textile industries, technology, metals and mining, as well as the shipping, shipbuilding, port, and textile sectors.”

Other bills signed included state funding to assist in disaster relief, assistance with mortgage payments and a program for school choice.

The Florida Legislature held a special session in early this month, and the bills were passed last Wednesday.