California judge rules that residents have right to ‘state-of-the-art’ handguns

California judge has ruled that self-defense is possible with “state-of the-art” handguns.

California Rifle & Pistol Association v. Bonta at the U.S. District Court for the Central District of California Judge Cormac J. Cartney issued a preliminary injunction to stop California’s handgun list, which was established through the state’s Unsafe Handgun Act.

Breitbart obtained the ruling. Cormac stated that the roster was not consistent with government regulations and that it had limited Californians’ choices in guns that they could buy. Residents had to resort to models older than 16 years.

The judge ruled that the roster was in violation of the Second Amendment.


“Californians are entitled to possess and use state of the art handguns to defend themselves,” Carney wrote. Carney stated that they should not have to settle for ten-year-old handguns in order to keep their home safe.

“But unfortunately, the UHA’s CLI, MDM and microstamping regulations do exactly that. He said that enforcing these requirements violates the Second Amendment’s plain text and that the government has failed to provide any historical analogs to support them. “Those requirements are unconstitutional, and their enforcement must immediately be enjoined.” he concluded.

Carney rejected arguments that gun regulations should be limited to public utility and said instead that they must be consistent with the Constitution as well as traditional regulations.

“The government cannot simply state that the regulation promotes a vital interest to justify its regulation. He said that the government should demonstrate that the regulation is compatible with the Nation’s historic tradition of firearm regulation.