Democratic Minnesota governor says state’s rebate checks getting federally taxed is ‘bulls—‘

Democratic Minnesota Gov. Tim Walz called the decision of the federal government to tax Minnesotans receiving rebate checks in this year “bullsh-t” on Wednesday.

Walz responded during a press conference to the IRS decision to tax the rebate, while other states taxed pandemic relief payments.

Walz said, “Bulls –,”” “I don’t know. The IRS. “I will tell you: I’ve been on the telephone, not much more judicious that this slip here, to let them be aware.”

MPR News reported that the federal tax on rebate checks could cost Minnesota residents anywhere between $26 to $286 depending on their household income and total rebate amount. MPR News reported that the initial rebates for each person were $260, but qualifying households may receive up to $1300 if they have at least three dependents.

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Walz stated that he informed White House chief-of-staff Jeff Zients of Minnesotans being “treated unfairly” due to the fact that the state missed the deadline by 15 days in order to qualify for tax free status.

The rebates for other states were also eligible, as their rebates had been authorized before May 11, when the COVID-19 emergency was ended by the federal government.

FOX9 Minneapolis reported that the Minnesota Department of Revenue will send 1099-MISC form to rebate recipients who file their federal tax return.

Minnesota Management and Budget has projected that the Minnesota budget would remain stable, with an excess of $2.4 billion until June 2025.