Mayorkas Has Entered the Biden Family Scandal and Coverup

James Comer, the chairman of the House Oversight Committee, has subpoenaed Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas. He accuses him of obstructing his investigation into shady dealings by Biden’s family in foreign countries. Comer also issued subpoenas for Secret Service agents.

“The Department of Justice started the Biden coverup, and now DHS is complicit under Secretary Mayorkas’ leadership. Investigators never had the opportunity to interview Hunter Biden as part of the criminal investigation, because Secret Service Headquarters and the Biden Transition Team were informed about the planned interview. Comer said in a Tuesday statement that this is only one of several examples of misconduct and politicalization during the Department of Justice investigation.

The Oversight Committee, along with the Judiciary and Ways and Means Committees, is looking for interviews with key witnesses including Secret Service employees. The Department of Homeland Security is blocking our investigation by preventing the Secret Service to provide a response for Congress. The American people are entitled to transparency, not obstruction. House Republicans will hold Biden administration accountable for interfering with the Biden family’s criminal and corrupt activities,” he added.

Comer, along with other House members, continues to push for an impeachment investigation.