The U.S. Gov’t Hired A Pro-Hamas PLO Spokeswoman To Handle Asylum Claims

“F*** Israel and its government. Nejwa Al, a Department of Homeland Security officer, said: “Are you ready for your demise?”

Daily Wire found that the U.S. Immigration Enforcement Agency hired a former Palestinian Liberation Organization (PLO), and placed her in charge of deciding who is allowed to enter the country, either as an immigrant (or “asylum-seeker”) or as a “migrant”. The officer has been posting images of Hamas terrorists parachuting into the country with guns while writing “F*** Israel” and “F*** any Jew supporting Israel.”

Nejwa Ali was employed by the Palestinian Delegation in the U.S. in 2016 and 2017. According to a screenshot from her LinkedIn profile she landed a job with DHS, as an “Asylum officer,” where her duties included “applying immigration regulations and laws to asylum requests.”

She was promoted to an adjudication officer for the U.S. in January. Citizenship and Immigration Services. According to the agency, people in this position “analyze legislation or policy changes, prepare reports and make decisions on immigration cases.”

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Ali was employed by DHS to vet people before letting her in. However, it is unclear if anyone at the agency actually vetted Ali. Her social media profiles where she uses the name “Falastine Mi Amor” make it clear that her primary allegiance is to the Palestinians and not the United States.

Ali has been posting extremist rants on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter continuously for years. This month, her rants intensified as Palestinian terrorists killed over 1,000 Jews in October and she cheered. “F*** Israel and its government. She wrote “Are you ready for your demise?” on Instagram following the attacks.

Ali’s social media profiles, which state that she is “American-born, Palestinian at heart”, indicate that Ali is originally from Dearborn, Michigan. This is a city with a large number of unassimilated immigrant population, where thousands of people reportedly marched in the streets to support the Hamas terrorist attack on Israel.

Ali has posted several pictures glorifying terrorist attacks against Israel. One of the images shows armed terrorists paragliding in to the Jewish state, with the caption “Free Palestine.”

Ali has posted several posts that glorify terrorist attacks. One of them includes the following statement: “Respect us or expect resistance.” Simple. “No Apologies” is a statement that suggests attacks on civilians will continue as long as Israel remains on land she believes to be occupied.

If Ali was their immigration officer, Jews who wanted to go to America could have some difficulties. “Israeli privilege in America is disgusting.” When Israelis admit that the attack was solely the fault of the military and government. “Period,” she wrote. “I hold each Israeli responsible for the actions of their government [sic], IF they don’t speak against Israel.”

She posted on Facebook, October 9, “How Nejwa Wakes Up,” along with a video captioned: “F*** Israel and anyone Jew who supports Israel”, and a picture that said “A nation which has nothing else but Allah will have everything it needs.” She also included an anti-Semitic caricature of a Jewish nostril.

She also said that the media was pushing Israeli propaganda. This is a common antisemitic claim that Jewish people controlled the press.

“Palestine is going to be free one day.” F*** APARTHEID Israel, and anyone who supports it ***. F*** you, may Allah forgive you. Spare us the crocodile cries, I give zero f***s,” wrote she on Instagram.

The Daily Wire quoted USCIS spokesperson Matthew Bourke as saying that “USCIS strongly condemned antisemitism, and the use violent rhetoric of any kind.”

Bourke stated that USCIS employees must adhere to strict ethical standards, both while on duty and when off. This includes their social media presence. The agency takes seriously any violation of the standards.

A day after The Daily Wire contacted the agency regarding Ali, Ali told The Daily Wire via phone that she was still employed by DHS and had not been disciplined.

When asked if she had disclosed her employment at the PLO to DHS she replied “That’s not your business.” Be careful before I call the cops. “If I were you, I would respectfully hang up right now.”

When asked if her views about Israel affected her ability to be a government official in the United States, she replied, “That doesn’t affect my ability to do any of my job.” You can take care of your own business.

USCIS refused to explain why it would hire a person who had previously worked for an expelled foreign quasi-government and place them in a position where they could determine who is allowed to enter the country.

The statement said that “applicants for permanent positions with USCIS undergo thorough vetting and extensive background and security checks before they are offered a position.”

It refused to provide any information on two possible scenarios: either USCIS hired an employee of the PLO who held extremist views knowingly, or that it had no knowledge about the recent employment records and public records of its own employees.

USCIS refused to say if it had contacted PLO officials as a reference. Calling past employers is part of the standard government vetting procedure. Ali recently removed from her LinkedIn profile her involvement with the PLO and her internship at UNRWA (the United Nations agency responsible for helping Palestinians).

Ali’s extremist foreign policy views were obvious long before she joined the government in 2019, under the Trump administration. Ali’s life seems to revolve around the Islamic socialist message of PLO.

She lobbied on social media during the Obama administration to “BOYCOTT ISRAEL”, “End Aid 2 ISRAEL,” And, during the 2016 elections, she complained about “Republicans’ OBSESSION over Israel” as well as calling for “decolonization.”

“F*** Apartheid Israel and any Israeli who supports this bulls ***. She wrote: “F*** you. May Allah forgive you”, alongside photos of leftist Americans Assata X and Malcolm X. In 2017, she shared a photo of her smiling in front of the statue of Che Guevara. The murderous Communist militant.

In the wake of Israel’s conflict with Hamas, the United States faces pressure from the Left to accept Palestinian refugees in the country. Officers like Ali would advise the government on whether it was safe to allow entry to a particular applicant.

Ali’s position against Israel is in direct opposition to the United States policy. President Joe Biden said