Suspicious envelope with ‘white substance’ found at Kari Lake’s campaign headquarters

kari lake

Staff at Kari Lake’s campaign headquarters discovered an envelope containing a white substance Saturday. Authorities were investigating.

Ross Trumble, a spokesperson of the Lake campaign, confirmed the opening by a member the campaign staff to an envelope containing “suspicious” white powder.

Trumble stated that it was one of the two envelopes confiscated by law enforcement. It was sent to Quantico professionals for examination and they are still waiting for details.

The FBI has state-of the-art crime lab facilities located in Quantico, Virginia.

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We Won our Case!
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According to the Phoenix Fire Department, they were dispatched at 2 AM Sunday morning to investigate reports of suspicious mail in a building near 40th Street & Camelback Road.

According to Phoenix police officers, law enforcement personnel responded in order to secure the area and collect the items. According to Sgt. Phil Krynsky is the spokesperson for the police department.

Trumble stated, “The staff member currently under medical supervision. Our campaign headquarters is still closed just two days before Election Day. We are looking forward to the law enforcement finishing their investigation as soon as possible.

Trumble stated that the campaign staff was grateful for the Phoenix Police Department and FBI, first responders as well as bomb squad and hazardous material crews who responded to the incident.

Trumble stated, “In the meantime know that our resolve is never higher and we cannot afford to be intimidated.”

Katie Hobbs, Democratic gubernatorial hopeful, was burglarized in her campaign office on Oct. 25. Lake responded by holding a news conference. She joked that security footage had caught someone breaking into Lake’s office and showed photos of someone wearing a chicken costume.